Monday, January 16, 2012

we scored with the fruit stand

Here's a photo of Playa Penca Beach that we have been having fun on.
Today, Heather & I walked down the beach a bit to look at some of the more rocky areas and take photos of the tide pools.  There are so many cool things that we discovered in them and around them.  We took some great photos of so many things -- too many to show right now.

This tide pool was neat because it had a little "bridge" part that connected two of them.  Little fish were swimming in these.

We scored big time this morning, discovering the fruit stand just down the road.  We bought so much (we're preferred customers now, I'm sure).......that the man that works there gave us our cilantro and hot peppers for FREE.  We ended up with two huge bags of fruit and veggies for about $16 USD.  We thought we won the lottery.  Probably going back tomorrow.  They get everything fresh on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.  I think the days inbetween will taste just fine as well.  Mmmmmmmm, fresh fruit!!!!

We immediately went home and mixed up some fruity drinks.  Ron played the part of "Tom Cruise" and Matt, Heather & I played our part as well.
This is the fruit stand. "Cliff Diver" (the name of our car, thanks to our daughter, Daria) had a little accident!!!!!
Actually..........there's a vehicle graveyard right down the lane from us and I thought it would be funny to take a photo of Ron beside what could happen to the vehicle if he continues to drive the way he is.  I'm just kidding -- he's driving great (& wild at times) and he's finding new thrills, like driving on the beach to get to Conchal and almost getting run over by BIG buses (that was on a little adventure that him & Matt took this morning).
 Later this afternoon, we drove back to one of our favourite beaches -- Conchal.  It is covered with tiny crushed shells -- it's amazing.  We watched an amazing sunset (again) and walked through some little stands that were selling stuff.  In the trees above us were some monkeys....about 6 of them....even a baby one, I think.  It was hard to photograph them; they were so high in the trees and always moving.  But I did manage to get a few good ones.
Tonight we ate at a local restaurant -- "Sol y Mar".  We ate the most delicious seafood, tenderloin & chicken.  Then we topped off the meal with ice cream and Flan de Coco (a light coconut jello cake).  Everything was so good that we all think a burger and fries for lunch tomorrow will suit us all just fine........maybe topped off with more ice cream.

After our late night swim tonight we are relaxing in our jammies with a glass of watermelon smoothie (sorry, Daria)!!!!!  I'll make them at home for you too.  Good night to all and chat with you tomorrow.

{from the.........beach},

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  1. this sounds like paradise. i'm glad you are having such a fun time and i'm glad that you have such great friends to share it with.

    how do you hear of these marvelous places? you need to share your secret.

    from...sitting at home so jealous!!!