Sunday, June 21, 2009

A SuperHero without the Cape ...........

Do you remember when you were young and you honestly thought that your Dad was a SUPERHERO and the STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD? Dad actually is!!!!!!! No, seriously. He is!!!!!

No, my dad isn't Hulk Hogan or The Incredible Hulk. My Dad is 5' 9" tall (my height; actually I believe I'm alittle taller) and he weighs less than me. He owns his own construction company and has ever since I can remember. He can swing a hammer like a lumberjack swings.......well, whatever they swing. He can shingle a roof in record time. He can devour more Prime Rib & Chocolate Chip Cookies than 8 men twice his weight (although he won't gain a pound the next day). He has built homes from the ground up that would amaze you & marvel all his daughters.

He truly is A SuperHero Without The Cape.

He has managed to accept 3 son-in-laws into our family and not miss a step with his daughters. He shows his 8 grandchildren that there is nobody more special than they are everytime he sees them. He still kisses my Mom infront of all of us & calls us "pumpkin" or "sweets" on the occassion.

He's MY DAD and always will be.

Love you Dad, today & always.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

got 2 have.........!!!

Found these super cool embellies in the Etsy Scrapbooking department. Go take a looksie for yourself...............they are FABULOUS!!!!!! You will find many things that you just GOTTA HAVE!!!!! I fall in love with something new everytime I visit -- haven't actually purchased anything yet though. {sigh}.
You can find them here:
Those Basic Grey LOs that I promised a few weeks ago are going to be photographed this week sometime. They are coming........!!!!
Will also show you some FANTASTIC products that just came to my door -- maybe some class kit products for the fall..............hmmmmmm!!! That sure sounds like fun.
And........................if you haven't checked out the Crop and Cruise website lately.................WHAT ARE U WAITING 4???????
Although you will have to wait until the Fall of 2010 to cruise again................a Tropical location sounds like a fabulous place to getaway for a scrappin' week with the gals, your hubby, your family, etc. This will be a hoot -- I guarantee!!!!!!
all 4 now {from the farm},

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Suitcase Treasures.........

Check this out!!!! These are the three layouts that I created {on MY time} at the Scrapbook Your Heart retreat in Calgary a few weeks ago. These were totally done in the crop room -- can you even imagine it -- jill scrapbooking with other people; in a huge crop room; getting some things done; actually coming home with something finished in my suitcase!!!!!!
If you know me and how I scrapbook, you will know that I don't work well with others. I mean, I tend to do more chatting at these events than actually scrapbooking. I like to walk around the room oogling over other people's creations, meeting new friends, not really paying much attention to the fact that I travelled hundreds of miles across the country and brought actual product along with me to get something done. Really? Who am I kidding?
But........this time I came home with these three lo's. It might have something to do with the fact that my table buddies (Leica Forrest & Katharina Doyle - Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine) were actually scrapbooking and looking productive. So......when in Rome?!?
Soon I will get to share some PRETTY EXCITING news that's happening in my life right now. I just finished putting together some layout designs for a pretty AWESOME company -- LOVE their stuff!!!!! I can't show anyone yet, but check back soon for more details.
{if you already have been priviledged enough to know who I'm designing for -- please don't spill the beans in my comment section}!!
So, in other news:
Our upstairs renos are almost complete -- countertops went in on the weekend. Woo hoo!!!!!! They look amazing and I am THRILLED with the result -- you never know. Decorating is coming along and I am now working with my sis over at to design some vinyl rub-ons for my huge wall in the dining room. I've checked out a few websites and know that Buffy can design something just as incredible (if not more) and make it any colour & size that I desire. Love that!!!!
We're also looking at designing something for my new scrap space. Throwing around with the idea of using vinyl butterflies in an array of colours & sizes and having them flying into the room from the window. Nothing set in stone yet, but will need something soon, as the room WILL NOT be complete without "a little touch of buffy" in that room somewhere.
So.....I'll share later what we come up with. It will be fun!!!!
Wishing for summer, sunshine & warmth {from the farm},

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

14 years ago today

......we said "i love you" infront of God, our families & our friends.
Happy Anniversary, Ron.
{enjoy some layouts about us}

happy-in-love {from the farm},