Thursday, September 13, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

(I have a few impatient friends that would be glad to fill in the blank for me)
So......I's been awhile.  And all of you type A++'s are just antsy waiting for me to post again.  Don't you have something better to do with your lives but wait for me -- you're type A- friend??? are all in for a treat because I have just spent the ENTIRE AFTERNOON downloading photos onto this post (it takes a long time somedays) to share with you.
Our summer started with A LOT of baseball.  Both Daria & Carter went to Provincials in July with their teams.  All was good though because we love baseball AND we love our kids, so the two go great together.

We experienced a rain/hail/wind storm on July 2nd that blew trees down, tipped over our play structure and sent our barbeque on a tour around our back deck.  As we watched from the window in the middle of the night, it didn't occur to us to head to the basement.  In the morning, our neighbour's yard was practically destroyed.  YIKES!!!  We went later to help them clean some of it up.
We spent a weekend in the city with all the "girls" in our Hildebrand family.  So much fun to watch them all growing up so quickly (sniffle sniffle).

We surprised my Mom with a 60th Birthday Party with 25 of her closest friends & family.  She had NO IDEA, which was awesome because we totally thought she would have figured it out.
Our family worked like dogs on the hottest days this summer to build 3 new bins on our yard.  Most of the kids helped and we recruited some amazing friends to help as well.

We went camping about 4 times (2 more times than last summer).  Yeah!!!  Actually, the camper is still set up in the backyard and being used by friends again this weekend.  Love it.

We went on our annual Peace Garden tour with my family.  Always a wonderful day walking together, swimming & eating......and always ice cream for dessert.

At the end of August, we spent a day at the Corn & Apple Festival in Morden.  Ron's mom celebrated her birthday the same weekend, so Ron gave her the ultimate gift........sharing a ride with her on the "Spin Out".  She was so excited and all the grandchildren (& their friends) watched as their cool grandma rode their favourite ride.

Asha enjoyed the big Pirate Ship for the first time too.

Carter got to ride his motorbike A LOT with friends of our's from New York.  Their family lives just down the rode and the boys spent hours on the fields between their house and our's.  We will miss them!

We finished combining our fields of "hailed out" wheat & canola (see description of storm above).  Daria even learned how to drive this year (I may be out of a job soon).

And then it was back to school.  All 3 kids go to different schools this year. That's going to be different.......but positive & exciting!

Asha - Grade 3
Carter - Grade 7

Daria - Grade 9
Come back soon (don't count the days though, Lisa-s)!!!!!
{from the farm},