Thursday, May 14, 2009

need some Inspiration...?

1. new pp line from American Crafts -- love it!!!!! tons of colour -- just what i like.
2. loving very large mirrors (i have one in my home), so.......this one on heidi swapps blog, of course, caught my eye.
3. stamping on a dresser and a fabulous PINK chair ................. need i say more?
4. the colour turquoise -- the beauty & bling of a chandelier -- and the edginess of a concrete wall ................. all mixed together for a great photo.
enjoy your day.
{from the farm},

Friday, May 8, 2009

Celebrating My Mom ...

Ten things i love about my mom:

1. the dozens of cookies she makes for my kids' lunches throughout the year
-- I'm NOT a gifted baker.

2. she loves shopping -- i love shopping. Need I say more?

3. she is incredibly gifted at cleaning. Why do i love that? duh...................!!

4. my mom knows everything there is to know about the NHL: teams, coaches, players, rules, stats, play-offs, records, etc. I would love to surprise her someday with tickets to an NHL game in some city, but the woman won't step foot in a crowded arena. Maybe I'll just get the team to come to her -- wouldn't that be a nice gift?? Anyone have any connections?

5. she makes eggs & toast for my kids for breakfast when they go for a sleep-over. Now that's love.

6. Ron (my husband) & my mom get along so incredibly well -- that is soooooo worth everything to me. :)

7. Her feet are bigger than mine. Sorry, Mom -- had to!!!

8. Her short hair. It's something we have in common and probably forever will have in common. Love that!!!!!

9. Her advice -- when asked for or not -- hey, that's what mothers are for.

10. The fact that many people in our lives have mistaken my mom as being my sister; not my mom. She looks so young, dresses hip & cool, and is really close to me & my two sisters. If I could choose another sister, I'd definitely choose my mom.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!

from the farm {about 1 hour away},

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Classes at StS

Thought I'd share some images of the classes I instructed last weekend at Smalltown Scrappers. I taught a class that consisted of creating 5 layouts in 2 hours ........... I know, I'm crazy. We actually didn't do too bad. I hate teaching classes that go over-time or where the participants leave with unfinished projects or layouts. But we actually went just slightly over the two hours and got EVERYTHING DONE!!!!!!! Everyone's layouts looked awesome. Thank you to all participants who squished into the back room at the store and had a blast with me in the class.

Here are the layouts we created together. So incredibly simple, quick & fun. Love these kinds of classes where everything is so relaxed, the products & colours are fun and there is no pressure. So much inspiration from tons of ladies in this industry -- Ali, Lizzie, Jamie.

I want to add the photos yet, but I've been working on some other projects lately as well, and haven't gotten around to it. It'll be fun looking for photos for them.

That's definitely something new that I've been doing lately.........creating layouts with no photos. These layouts are great for classes -- or I'm using products all from the same line or, at least, company and just pounding out some layouts on my dining room table from all the (for example) Basic Grey product that I have in front on me. It's been a lot of fun!!!!

Still waiting to get me Scrap-Room in order....................{sigh}.

I'll show you some BG layouts like that next week.......or maybe in a few dayz (I never know).

enjoy the evening.

warm Spring breezes {from the farm},