Wednesday, November 23, 2011

scrappy animals

Here's a few more layouts that feature some of the furry members of our family.  Always love scrappin' these ones. 

wiser:  this layout features our oldest "furry" member.  Although we don't exactly know Sonny's age (we got her from friends years ago and never bothered to ask her age at the time), we know that she is nearing her time with us.  She's lost a few of her 9 lives over the years....(hence the use of the number pattern paper)...accidents happen on the farm.  She is a wise, fiesty, old cat and we love her anyway.  We will miss her when she's gone.

on the back deck:  This next layout features our furry, little new friends who arrived this past summer.  The kids adore their new kitties and it is no bother to get them to feed them everyday.  Now, they are growing up and becoming more of a pain on the deck, as they try to get into the house on cold, winter days.  Nonetheless, we love them and let them in now and then (when Ron is away).  Shhhhhhh!!!
in no time:  This layout just had to be created and documented to show the patience that I have to have (at times) when it comes to our pets.  This "mess" that you can see from the photo happens daily.........several times some times.  Kayna (our 165 lb St. Dane & our 3 kitties and 1 cat) can totally destroy the look of our patio on most days.  I clean up the cushions, and in minutes, the kitties have batted them down or the kids have created "kittie-forts" with them again. on the farm......with pets.

More layouts are still coming...............

AND.......................some BIG news!!!!!!!

{from the farm},

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

new 5 for Christmas

Posting 5 new layouts to show you.  A few weeks ago, I went away for a long weekend with some girlfriends to scrap........and I mean completely and only scrap, eat & sleep.........oh, yeah, and laugh A LOT!!!!
These are just some of the 23 layouts I created that weekend.

This first one (above) is of a Christmas Eve photo we took last year.  I`ve used mSB stamps to create some of the title, combined with letter stickers........really old stickers from my stash actually.  Love using old stuff!!!
This layout is totally scrap-lifted from Wilna Furstenberg (have to give the talented woman credit here).  Totally LUV her style....the colours she uses, the details she creates & the overall look of everything on her layouts.  I know she`s mostly digital, but I love re-creating her looks with product.
 simple, clean & oh, so Asha.
These two layouts are created using the Gingerbread Lane products from Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker.  LOVE all the goodies you get in her product lines...............sooooooo much fun to work with. 
Hope you enjoy.  There`s more to come soon.

from the farm,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

twenty-three & thirty-seven

 Sharing a few sneak peeks of those 23 "things" I have on my desk.   The actuals are coming soon.
And today, Monday, November 21st, I turn a big 3-7.  It's a good day.  I'm bringing cupcakes to my grade one math class to celebrate.  My hubby is out of the country for the week, so I'll celebrate with my kids tonight.  Here's to another GREAT year!
{from the farm},

Monday, November 14, 2011

guessing game

I have something new on my desk right now.
There are 23 of them actually.

Anyone have a guess as to what they might be?

(answer coming soon).

winking {from the farm},