Thursday, January 19, 2012

to market, to market

We took a small boat across the estuary today into the town of Tamarindo.  We were immediately bombarded by street vendors that were all trying to sell jewellery, pottery or clay whistles.  This man stopped us outside the back machine (what a coincident) and started showing us his pottery.  He continued to unpack almost every piece from his heavy backpack.  We ended up purchases a few pieces from him (I don't know if it was because of guilt, or if it was because they were all so unique or beautiful).  We each ended up with a sugar bowl with lid, plus Heather bought a candle holder and I bought a beautiful bowl.  I purchased a few more things that I will have to leave a secret (my kids will be reading this).
Many other adventures today.
We did manage to get down to the beach again to ride the waves on the boogie boards.  I don't think we'll get sick of this.  The challenge always is to find the "mother load wave" and ride it all the way to the shore.  We found a few of those today.

We watched the sunset tonight from the Big Rock in Playa Grande and ate supper tonight in town, at Kiki's.  Then we ordered take-out cheesecake from another restaurant and played some cards tonight.

Tomorrow we head off shore on a private sailboat to snorkel, fish & bask in the sunshine.  We hooked up with a great man from Potrero who owns the boat and is very willing to take us out on it.  We are looking forward to the dolphins we will most likely see -- and a large potential for whales.

sun-kissed {from the beach},

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