Friday, April 23, 2010

this weekend

Off to teach this weekend at this convention.
It's gonna be a BLAST!!!!! Taking my oldest daughter along with share the bed in the hotel room, have some much needed giggles & as a helper and photographer in my classes.
I'll share some photos next week.
{from the farm},

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

three cheers for me.....& stamps

Hey everyone!!! Head on over to the my Stamp BOX blog to check out my very first blog post as one of their newest Design Team members!!!!! Woohoo.........very cool!!!
You'll see a cute, little project that I created using this journaling stamp set :
smiling even brighter today {from the farm},

Saturday, April 17, 2010

new layout

a little change from the everyday Spring stuff.
Using up some "winter-themed" supplies.
{from the farm},

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Caution: CHANGE

Okay FRIENDS ..... brace yourselves. What you about to witness will blow your mind!!! This is the view of the trees on our yard -- just east of our house. In the summer, this "forest" looks lush and green and beautiful. The kids love to play in them, exploring and discovering old junk that has been hiding for many years. In the winter ... not so much beauty. The trees are actually all very old and most of them are either dead or dying. So...................... yesterday, our neighbour came over with his BIG, BEAUTIFUL BACKHOE and ........
...... took them all out!!! It was our idea -- not his -- don't worry. Nothing like a good neighborhood trick, eh?!? j.k. This is NOW the view from my back patio.

The kids' playhouse looks pretty lonely now -- in the middle of nowhere. But THERE'S A PLAN. We are ordering 100 lilac seedlings and planting them in a row along the east side of the yard -- right in line with the playhouse. I LOVE lilacs and I have NONE on my yard (well, I have a small bush that's 12 years old or so that everyone tends to run over with tractors, semis, etc.). So....the plan for a row of lovely lilacs delights me, myself & I. We're also going to plant a few shade trees as well -- probably near the playhouse. The playhouse is going to get a revamp this summer as well (Daria's project) so I can't wait for the cold to go and the sun to come and settle in.
Change is welcomed and very, VERY good.
Another change in my home is the big box of product that made it out onto my table yesterday and was made into.......

....... KITS!!!!! These kits are all for the Brandon Charity Convention classes that I will be teaching next weekend. It's always such a fun event and the girls that "throw the party" are a HOOT!!!! Love them all dearly and they have become such wonderful friends of mine in the years that I've been teaching at their event.

Check out their website to see what 3 classes I will be teaching this year. Sure to be a blast!!!

loving the changes {from the farm},


Saturday, April 10, 2010


smiling as i look at these images.
love the colours in this photo.

love all the letters on the wall. where can i find those? where can i find a wall for them?

love ali and all the inspiration she brings to my life. she's soooooo wise.
and missing this face like crazy!!!!!! what a beautiful & inspiring photo. need . to . get . new . head . shots . done . need . a . trip . to . calgary !!!dreaming of lovely things {from the farm},

Thursday, April 8, 2010

having fun these dayzzzzz promised, here are the layouts that I created in the past 36 hours (or so it seems) with the mSB stamp sets that were sent to me. I was given Neighborhoods & Just add words as my DT gifties. I've been crazy in my scrap-space and it's been fun, Fun, FuN!!!!
Visit the myStampBOX products here to see the two sets that were sent.

Treating with a Town Kid: In this layout, I decided to use the Neighborhoods stamps as the row of houses the kids were trick or treating at. I decorated the "block" with buttons, some whimsy clouds, some treats, a bicycle & some felt pumpkins. I sprinkled the sky with coloured Stickles. I used a date stamp from the Just add words set in the top corner of the LO.

Silly Little Farm Girl: I used the same Neighborhoods stamp set in this layout and stamped w/ Black StazOn along a plain white piece of cardstock. Then I square punched the stamped image and rounded the corners. I then added Watercolour Pencils and a blending brush. By positioning the squares in a row, it still looks like a row or neighborhood of houses. I used the brackets from the Just add words set and stamped a row of them on dictionary paper -- I literally ripped it out of an old dictionary. I then cut the stamped images in pieces and sewed them around the LO with my sewing machine.
New: In this LO, I used the journalling stamp from the Just add words set and stamped it right onto a piece of ripped cardboard. I also used the circle date stamp from the same set and pop-dotted the image on the rhs of the LO.
Mud: Here, I used a portion of the same journalling stamp from the Just add words set. I did not ink the words, but only the border and the journalling lines. I pop-dotted the journalling spots on either side of the LO. I added dots with a black fine-tipped marker around the border for some whimsy. I stamped a date stamp in the corner of the LO.
Welcome the age of moving forward: On the journalling tag here, I used that same stamp from the previous LOs, but taped the small words off with masking tape. I then stamped the Notes stamp in place of the small words. I then added a fun, colourful ribbon and machine stitched around the entire tag. I stamped a bracket border to frame the photo. All stamps used were from the Just add words stamp set. To create the title, I stamped the words "Welcome" and "moving!" from the Neighborhoods stamp set. I had to tape off the rest of the stamps in order to just get the one little word.
Have fun creating your own stamped layouts!!! Here's a thought: why not check out ALL the mSB stamp sets and the entire design team to get some inspiration for your next project.
smiles {from the farm},

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

up close & personal

Woohoo!!! I've just completed five layouts using the new stamp sets that myStampBOX sent me. This is waaaaayyyy too much fun!! There's nothing like working on your passion -- with your favourite products -- wonderful & memorable photos -- AND, to top it all off, using FABULOUS stamps from mSB. Too good to be true!!!

So... here's a preview of the layouts -- up close & personal. Come back tomorrow to see them all. I'm also going to post them in a few galleries online: i'll share the links tomorrow.
Oh.... and btw - you should go RIGHT NOW and visit the mSB blog. There's a fabulous layout posted today with a great challenge. What are you waiting for? It's a great day for some scrappin'.
enjoying my life {from the farm},

Monday, April 5, 2010

spring: hopping right into a blog

Good morning to everyone who is joining me for the first time from myStampBOX.
And ... if you are just waking up {much like myself} and are starting your day by clicking on my blog to see what's up for jill today, you are not gonna wanna miss the Blog Hop over at:
TODAY!!!!!! they are announcing their newest design team for the next six months. And "guess who" will be introducing me??!? Soooo exciting!!!! You're gonna have to follow the blog hop to find out. Click here to get started.
So..... in the interest of letting you get to know a little bit more about my style, I have posted some of my favourite layouts from the past year or so. These are the ones that make me smile. :)

hope you have enjoyed a little peek into my lifeArt. Come back anytime to steal some inspiration for that next project of your's.

enjoying the sunshine today {from the farm},