Tuesday, May 22, 2012

cowboy up birthday girl

Today Daria celebrated her 14th birthday. 
She is the one who made me a "mom" for the first time.
She is definitely a spark in my life and I feel completely blessed to have the priviledge of being her mom every single day.

We celebrated on Monday by going out to her Auntie Buffy's farm and riding horses.

I hadn't realized that Daria had never riden with her auntie (what a neglectful mother I am).  My younger sister is an Animal Health Tech at a Vet Clinic and a pro with horses.  I totally stand in awe of how good she is with them.  She always has been.  I've tried.....really, I have......in the past......to (pretend) to love horses, but I just can't get myself over the fact that they are huge & powerful & beyond me.  But, Buffy.........she's the perfect one to teach Daria how to ride.

So.....we went for the afternoon and Daria & Buffy had a fantastic time riding in the pasture.  Buffy even had Dare doing some barrells.......all-be-it very slowly.

I love this photo of Buffy with one of her horses, Sue.  What a beautiful moment.  There is something in Buffy that lights up whenever she is around animals.  This is definitely something I wish for for my children too.

This, on the other hand, is totally staged.  Buffy had to go back to the house to get another set of reins (I won't share with you "why" b/c I promised her).  Anyway, she asked me to hold onto Sue....yes, just her lead rope, so she wouldn't go anywhere.  I think I prayed the whole time that Sue wouldn't even move.  She's HUGE!!!  And, frankly, although I think she is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen.............I'm a little intimidated by her.  I'm more into the size of, let's say.......St. Bernards & Great Danes (that's my limit)......oh, yeah.......and little horses named Roger.

So.............thank you, Buffy, for giving my daughter the love of horses, and a birthday she will never forget.

{from the farm},

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

new stuff

i recently went to one of my favourite shops (just an hours drive away) and purchased some new scrap products.  i didn't even get a chance to put them away.  they went straight onto these two layouts.  i added a few older products that i had in my stash (can't pick favourites, y'know), and VOILA.......

title: Back Then
journaling: i remember you sitting here when you were younger; a bruised knee, or swinging with excitement.  It now seems a lot easier back then.  Now...it's a time out, hormones or alone time.  When you're ready.....come talk to me.
title:  There are times
journaling: always love the lovin' times.

enjoy your day.
{from the farm},

Friday, May 11, 2012

have birds.....will fly.

Here's a few *new* little feathered friends that I have around the house these day.

I found the yellow (circle) little owl at the vintage store in Morden.  I think I paid about 4 bucks for him.  He's so cute.  It's actually a vase, but I haven't put anything in yet.  Maybe some pussy willows would look good.  :)  The other little fellow was picked up at another store in my travels (forget where though).  They both sit on my orange dresser in the dining room. 

This little guy has a slightly different story.  I had been looking EVEryWHErE for a little "something" to put the pencils in on the piano.  A jar?  A little glass bottle?  Nope....nothing i found was every good enough.  I didn't necessarily have a vision for what I was looking for.  I just knew that I would know when I found it.

And I did!!!

This little beauty was picked up from the same vintage store in Morden.  3 bucks!!!  It's totally quirky but I love it.  And it's doing its job quite nicely.

I want to take some photos of the cool quilting fabric I just got from the States.  Yes......I own quilting fabric.  Do I quilt?

(something like that). 

enjoying a quiet evening {from the farm},

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

bold & beautiful

I have this set of plain ol' patio furniture, which i happen to love the rattan and we purchased it last year for our anniversary.  However, the dog & cats have done a number on the cushions whenever we are away.
So.....I'm going to recover all the cushions (well, I'm not -- there's someone in our church that does fantastic upolstery work).
I'm so excited to see what it's going to look like.
I've picked the fabrics all out and have them sitting in my office ready to send to my friend.  I purchased the fabrics here and I am loving them.
Here's where I'm using everything:

This fabric is the main [bold] print that will cover all the cushions on the loveseat and chairs.
This fabric will be on the reverse side of all the seat cushions.  Cool, eh? That way I can have some of the cushions be the bold, floral print and the other cushions (let's say the seats) be the green iron fence print.
 This Damask print the fabric that will be on the bench cushion.
 The next 2 fabrics are the throw pillows.

 I'll give you an updated photo when they are all done.
anticipating summer lounging {from the farm},

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

back at it

scrapped again tonight.


i visited one of my favourite stores today.

bought new stuff.

it had been a while.

too long.

it felt really good......to scrap; not spend money on supplies (i have too many already).

will show very soon.

stay tuned........be patient with me.

{from the farm},