Tuesday, January 17, 2012

i think we've reached our limit

Pretty sure we are completely relaxed -- we've reached our limit of laziness.

Today we didn't go very far.  A little drive to discover Playa Dante beach.  Nice beach to find some awesome pieces of Mother of Pearl.  Heather & I had fun digging by the rocky parts of the beach to find the best pieces.  So happy Heather is also a "picker" (that's for you, Lisa)!!!!  We love taking walks to find cool shells on the sand.  We both think the guys have bets going to see how far we actually get before we both look down, reach over & pick up another shell.

 Thought I'd show you this cool shot of the house we are staying in.  There are 3 different condos all under one big roof.  We are in the middle one (3 levels) and there is nobody else in the other 2 units.  Sweeeeeet!!!  We've had the pool and everything all to ourselves.  We actually check out of it tomorrow at noon and will travel the 30 minutes or so to Playa Grande to our next home.
 This is one of our favourite places to eat in Portrero -- Sol y Mar.  We ate there last night for supper and then we went back today for burgers and fries & drinks.  It doesn't look like much when you drive by, but the food is amazing and it's quite busy every evening.
As we were sitting eating lunch, we spotted some lizards up in the trees.  Heather took this fantastic photo of this big guy. 
And then later in the afternoon, walking to the beach, we spotted this little critter up in the trees.  It's a squirrel-like animal (quite a bit larger though), striped in white, black & orange.  This guy was hanging in the trees eating the little nuts or berries or whatever was up there.
Before supper tonight, we took our last walk on Playa Potrero beach and snapped a few sentimental photos of us as couples.  There was a good one of Ron & I too, but I'm having difficulty loading it on the blog tonight. 
Tonight we cooked a delicious supper at home -- the most tender steaks we've ever eaten; beef shishkabobs, fresh potatoes & carrots, fried onions & ice cream for dessert.  We purchased a big slab of fresh beef from the local butcher shop and cut it up at home.  The woman from the fruit stand came with us as an interpretor for us.  The meat was so reasonably priced that we will probably take the 30 minute drive later this week to purchase some fresh chicken from the shop.  We put our table out on the balcony and enjoyed each other's company and the beautiful breeze in the night air.
We're relaxing now and will enjoy some more card games later on before bed.
Tomorrow we're off to Playa Grande to continue our Costa Rican adventure.  But before we leave Playa Potrero, we'll visit the fruit stand to load up for the next few days.  We can't chance being out of fruit for too long.

Relaxed & Rested {from the shore},


  1. Hi
    Sounds like you're having a good time.
    Tou're probably missing the coldest week of the winter. -40 wind chill tonight.
    all the best and tell Ron to make sure you all arrive home safely. Tina

  2. NICE!!!! You are making me dream of walking Hawaiin beaches with you!!! Enjoy this one first, then we have ours to look forward to :)