Monday, January 2, 2012

eleven things

My boy turns eleven today.

11 things we love about him:
1. definitely his quirky personality.
2. his maturity
3. his ability to speak to adults & complete strangers; they are always so impressed.
4. his sarcasm -- he always "gets it".
5. his genuine smile
6. we are so proud of the fact that Carter was able to be challenged in school and be moved up to grade 5 after the new year this past year.
7. his athletic ability -- basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, track, etc.
8. his determination -- in everything he does.
 9. his imagination
10. his creativity & problem solving skills
11. the way he makes us feel important as a family -- I don't know another kid who will do this to the extent that Carter does. 
We love you so much, Carter.
Have a great day!!!

{from the farm},