Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 1 // beaches, drives & a sunset

Well....we made it all the way to Playa Potrero, Costa Rica.  We arrived at the newly constructed Airport Terminal (yeah......its been open a whoppin' 3 days) and were whisked away to the Alamo Car Rental place.  It was dark already, and we were tired, so Ron got an "upgrade" in the car department (of course) and we were off to our house.  Matt navigated in the front seat, while Heather & I hung on to the door handles and prayed (just kidding).  After countless corners, stray dogs & lots of dust, we reached our house.  The property manger was waiting for us and let us in, showed us around and answered all our questions.
Soon after she was bedtime.  Long day.

The next morning it was so much easier to see exactly what our place looks like.  It's beautiful, sitting high on a hill, surrounded by trees and other vegetation.
I won't show you all the photos, but just some of my faves.
Here's the view of the pool area from the upper (2nd level) balcony. 
This is the view of the ocean from the same balcony.  It's a beautiful view.
 Today we walked down to Playa Penca Beach....a bit of a walk down the road, but not bad.  We didn't bring much with us because we didn't know how long we would be there.  It's a gray-sand beach with not many shells.  It's not huge, but there were not many people there.
 We ended up playing in the waves for about an hour and a half.  It was fun to try to "ride the waves" and time it just right to "catch a wave".  Sometimes our timing was right.........many times we ate water & sand.  Lots of laughs, screams & sand in our suits.

 This is the vehicle that we are driving for the week.  Ron said we should think of a name for if you have any ideas, just email us with them.
 We took a drive this afternoon and took in breath-taking views like this.  The roads are incredibly winding and steep.  Don't tell anyone........but I'm glad I'm sitting in the backseat this week.  At one point I actually Ron was intentionally driving off this cliff on the side of the road....but I couldn't see the dirt road he was actually turning on to.  I couldn't believe he was actually taking "the road less travelled".  Heather has a photo of it on her camera that I'll maybe show you another time.  Unbelieveable!!!  Who let this guy drive anyway?

We finished our drive at Playa Flamingo watching the sunset on the beach.  We ate at a little restaurant right in town.......Mauhi Mauhi, shrimp skewers, guacamole & chips, etc.  Soooooo good!!

We've had a long & busy day.  We are already feeling relaxed and ........... warmer than you are right now in Manitoba.  Sorry.

Check back tomorrow to see what we're up to.
{from the farm},

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  1. You look soooooo very beautiful and relaxed!!! Hmmmm... maybe some day you will need to tour MY family around Costa Rica!!! Enjoy it to the fullest!!!!!