Wednesday, January 18, 2012

one photo....and a little good-night

Before we left our house in Playa Potrero this morning, we took a little walk to the beach one last time.  We met two gentlemen who were fishing from the shore.  They were casting their net and fishing line into the water.  We watched them for a while until there was excitement as they pulled their line in. 

All four of us went running over to see what they caught.  As we neared them, they were laughing at the little puffer fish that was on their line.  They continued to try to get it off their line by jabbing a knife, a pair of scissors & a jack-knife down its throat.  Needless to say, the little guy didn't make it, but it did look really cool with all its spikes & buggy eyes.  I have a great photo of him, but I'll have to show you another time, as the internet connection here to upload photos is quite slow and frustrating.  I don't remember this from last time we were here.
This afternoon we moved over to our new house in Playa Grande.  It's exactly how I remembered's so beautiful here.  We walked down to the beach to show Matt & Heather and did a little boogie boarding too.  Ludo & Natalie (the property managers) lent us their boards for the week, so we don't have to go rent some.  So nice of them.  We also walked down the road to a restaurant tonight and Ron had the most delicious swordfish.  And I had the most delicious Strawberry Colada drink.
I'll say "good-night" to you wanting desperately to show you this last photo of Ron & I coming out of the water at Playa Grande this evening, just as the sun was setting.  (Photo submitted by Matt -- prizes for him later).  Alas.....the photo will not load tonight, so I will sleep, hopefully gain some more patience for this computer (I don't enjoy stress on my vacations) and maybe....just maybe the photos will upload faster tomorrow morningm, drinking my coffee and watching the pool boy do some yard work.  What a tough life we have, eh?
 By the way.......we are not forgetting about you back at home.  We heard that's it has been bitter cold there.  Maybe school will be cancelled and you can all stay at home too.  A little vaca for you would be nice as well.

sleepy {from the beach},

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