Wednesday, October 26, 2011

mSB blog & photo happy

Head on over to the myStampBOX Blog today to see the latest Halloween layout I've created.  {Proof that I have been busy creating......not just ignoring you all}.

This evening I have been "playing" with my new birthday present (my birthday isn't until mid November, but it came early this year).  yeah for me.  Isn't it pretty?!!!!

I uploaded a few old photos from my external hard-drive (like about 28,000 photos) and found some cute ones from yyyeeeeaaaaarrrrrsssss ago.  Love looking at old photos of when the kids were little.

Here's a few of my faves:

Brings back some GREAT memories.
I told them all this evening that "they were so cute.....what happened?"
(They just love my sarcasm).

One more exciting thing:
NikkiSivilsScrapbookers is teaming up with Scrapbook Steals and giving scrapbookers a "steal of a deal" this week.  If you are not familiar with this website, click here to check them out.  They are a "deal of the day" site that gets product into the hands of scrappers when they can't get it at their LSS or if they don't even have a LSS.  Nikki's brilliant in teaming up with them -- soon EVERYONE will be eyeing up NSS products and drooling over her newest lines.
So, go check them out and see if you can snag a "deal" for some fabulous NSS products.

BIG News to share.........soon.  Have to wait though.  Patience.
smiles (from the farm),

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

waiting for me

Okay....I know.......I've been having too much fun without you and not doing my job to blog every week. For that, I apologize. I know some of you have been faithful followers and will have been quite annoyed by my "lack of.........."!!!

So, I will be honest. It's midnight, I'm tired, I have to work tomorrow and I still wanted to share some pics of the FABULOUS weekend I had waaaaayyyyyy back in Calgary. So, I will share more VERY SOON (promise), but I wanted to leave you wondering about these funny moments.

Stay tuned for more.

{from the farm},