Saturday, March 28, 2009

just starting out . . .

yes...this is jill -- {from the farm} & i'm just gonna start playing around here, hoping that i can actually DO this blog-thang!!! Everyone's been telling me that "you need one". i am -- i'm actually doing it!!!

I'll try really hard to post several times a week, but please be patient with me -- i'm a newbie!!!'s what i'm gonna try posting on My Blog!!!!

* teaching gigs coming up {away from the farm}
* everyday thoughts -- scrapbooking related {from the farm}
* recent photos {away & from the farm}
*favourite scrap-product from fabulous companies that i love {totally not farm-related}
* project & layout images {totally created ON the farm}

I may post other stuff here, although i'm really not into telling you everything about my kids, what my hubby gave me for valentine's day or what i'm creating for sup tonight. Honestly.....i have no time for that AND let's be honest -- you really don't care, do you??!?

So.........come along with me on my little {blogging} adventure & let's have some fun --

{from the farm}.