Friday, October 30, 2009

the results are in ...

Today I went to the school to see the halloween parade in the gym. Asha was totally cute in her little "princess witch" costume and Carter was a blue "ninja".
They announced the winners of the Pumpkin Decorating contest: Carter received a prize for 3rd place; and Asha got a 2nd place prize. Yeah!!!!! They were really excited & so were their mom & dad. I never did see the winning pumpkin -- apparently it was a little porcupine & her baby(ies) created by a fellow Kindergarten child??? Wish I could have seen it.
Anyway....that's all I have for today. Tomorrow we veg until the evening events of treating (no tricking). Did I ever mention the story about the Halloween night when one of our sheep got spray-painted green. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the barn that night. A few neighbours decided to play a little trick on us; stack some bales on the lane, move some machinery, spray-paint a sheep. All in a night's work {lol}.
Ron mentioned we might tackle our kitchen backsplash tomorrow -- yikes!!!! Now, that's alittle over-the-top for a Saturday, don'tcha think?!? Better rest up.
later {from the farm},

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