Wednesday, October 28, 2009

any guesses... to how many little packages of blue jello will fill a large pumpkin? Only I would ask such a question {lol}.
Well, we found out. We made 6 packs and didn't even come close to filling Asha's pumpkin to the top. So, we sawed off the top and created fabulous "Pumpkin Beach". Some cardboard sand, a few shells, a plastic turtle & a starfish in the jello, felt little towels & some Polly Pockets in bikinis -- you got yourself an entry for the Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest at school.

We had so much fun!!!
happy carving to you {from the farm},


  1. What an awesome pumpkin, those are both great entries, I hope you win something.

  2. I love both of these pumkins! Awesome projects!

  3. Okay... you have so taken "pumpkin-carving" to a whole other level!!! Who knew you could be that creative even with pumpkins!! Awesome job!