Wednesday, January 20, 2010

top picks

i was reading all the fabulous blogs just after the new year and everyone was reflecting on their year ('09). some of them showcased some amazing photographs they had taken throughout the year; some highlighted their favourite lo's that were created in '09; while others picked their favourite project of the year.
well ... i couldn't decide on which one to highlight, myself, so I'm givin' you all the goods: photography, layouts AND projects.

Top picks for photography.

#1 for outdoor portrait
(sunlighting hitting subjects face -- thank you, Allison): there was a tie

#1 photo - portrait indoors

(taken right beside a south-facing window - 8:00 in the morning):

#1 pick for close up photo (macro):

#1 photo - action shot (although the angles are a little wanky; i love the colours and the story this photo tells):

Top Picks for Layouts
{some of my personal faves}

Top Pick for Project of the Year (scrapbooking related)
i created this beautiful card using an alcohol ink & stamping technique that my sister-in-law, Heather taught me (i know, Diane; i still have to get you that tutorial!!!!):

Top Pick for Project of the Year (home decorating related):

my favourite addition to our home this past year was this charming barn door that Ron installed as our office door. is it functional? you better believe it -- original hardware and everything. love it so much!!!!

Come back soon to see the newest addition to my scrap-space. hint: my little sister is coming over in the morning to bring me some goodies that she has created. can't wait!!! it will definitely add a little punch to my space.
'til then {from the farm},

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