Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 4 - New Adventures

Today we ventured to the beaches of Playa del Conchal. We had heard that it has gorgeous waters to try snorkeling in and we wanted the kids to experience this. Unfortunately, I don't think we found the right beach, as where we ended up (according to directions from locals & visitors) was a beach that was busy with VERY rough waves. Although the beach was covered with teeny, tiny broken smooth shells, it was not the beach we were hoping for. The closest we got to snorkeling was me trying to swim out over the waves to the better , smoother waters and........ending up getting beached on the sand with my bathing suit FULL of tiny shells. I WILL NOT BE SHOWING THOSE PHOTOS!!!!!!

After a short stint at the beach, we ventured towards our car again and found some souvenirs for the kids. Two sundresses for the girls & a wooden snake for Carter.Lunch time at Outback Jack's was fabulous -- a dingy, little, Aussie restaurant just metres from the beach.

And then we had to find some beach toys for Asha at the local shops.
Back at home, boogie-boarding time again -- a daily occurrance. Won't be the same back home in -30 degree weather -- we'll have to get creative.
And Asha got to play with her new toys.
Carter's find for the day -- he always has at least one spectacular thing he discovers.
And then..........we discovered this beautiful Labyrinth right on the beach. The local yoga instructor (who, by the way, I had not met yet -- if anyone is wondering) and a few others made this HUGE Labyrinth with shovels right on the sand.
After it was completely done, the instructor invited us to "walk the labyrinth". Of course, we did and it was an experience we will never forget. After a few instructions from the "yoga-master", the kids were sooooooo good, walking slowly, in silence, holding their shells as gifts for the offering in the centre of the labyrinth, and saying a quiet prayer or blessing when they got to the middle. The whole walk took about 15 minutes in total. Very relaxing......very calming. Thought about Auntie Dianne the whole ya' girl.

This evening we took a walk on the beach -- this time we went right. Ron got some fun shots of me playing with the kids.

We leave for Playa Langosta -- menana. It will be interesting to see what we discover there.

We will miss Playa Grande........but we'll be back some day.

thinking of all of you {at the farm},


  1. OH YAY!!! YAY!!! YIPEE!! I'm loving your photos!! That quick crash course over the phone really DID help... these area BEAUTIFUL!! I especially love the sunsets (big surprise!) and the labyrinth one!!! Can't you just wait to scrapbook???!!!! Glad you're having fun :) Allison

  2. Missing YOU!
    Can't wait to hear all of your adventures.
    Carter must just be in his element ... what do you think ... in about 15 years he could be our guide in some exotic country (promising unsuspecting travellers that there are no snakes here!!)Best of luck as you travel to your new location tomorrow.
    A. Lisa

  3. Just checked out your updates....WOW! What an amazing place. A few of the pics brought me back a a fabulous trip I took with my sister.I'm glad you all are having a great time, can't wait to see all your pics when you get home. Safe travels. Love ya.