Saturday, January 9, 2010

i have a smart nephew

So......I put the question out there about our adventures this morning and my 5 year old nephew, Colin guessed correctly. What does he win? Well......Colin, you win a fun-filled evening for 4 at the simple (yet glamourous) Ron Hildebrand household, where you will be awe-struck by the stories of our Zip-line Adventures. But don't think that's it. will also be treated to countless photos taken by the local Crystal City talents of your Auntie Jill. You must be jumping for joy right about now. You are such a lucky kid!!!!!

Yes, it is true people........Ron & I took our children ziplining over the jungle canopy this morning. To sum up this whole experience in one word would be pointless. There was a flood of emotions that went through my body in just a few hours -- from terrified & nervous, to "boy, am I ever a bad mother to make my 5 year old do this", to excitement & excelleration. I was sweating the whole time -- not b/c it was so hot, but b/c my heart was pumping so fast & hard the whole time. It was hard to catch my breath at times and actually realize what we were doing (and what we were putting our kids through). Next to parasailing, it was the wackiest thing that Jill Hildebrand has ever done.

A few facts: There were 7 lines in all. The longest line was about 400 metres in total (the 1st line we did). The shortest line was also the fastest (this was the 2nd line we did). The highest line started at about 125 ft in the air (in which I was standing on a platform at that height for over 2 minutes!!!!!!). We saw about 8-10 monkeys at the end of all the lines, all lazing in the trees above our heads; including a mommy & her baby. We all rode the Tarzan Rope at the end of the lines -- but Auntie Jill had to be pushed off the edge by the instructor, as I wouldn't jump off myself. :)

And don't worry Grandma & Grandpa, Ma & Pa -- we were so incredibly impressed by the instructors and all the safety regulations. We were ALL consistently clipped onto lines on the platforms that we would stand on and if at any point we needed to be unclipped, we were then clipped onto an instructor (who was clipped and harnessed up). It was soooooo safe!!!!!

This is our whole group of 7: our family, a dad & his 6 year old daughter, Lila. She was great for Asha b/c she had gone already the day before. Asha & Lila became best friends very fast and they actually hugged each other at the end of the morning when we dropped off her & her dad at their hotel. Asha was (should I say) -- VERY terrified at first and DID NOT want to be there. But, she did end up doing all 7 lines with us -- her harnessed up with a wonderful female instructor. She was so good to Asha.

Here is Asha & her instructor about 30 ft above the canopy -- about 100 ft from the actual jungle ground. Too high for 9:00 in the morning. :)
Ron would get a little goofy for the camera.
And here, Colin, is Uncle Ron UPSIDE DOWN ziplining through the jungle. Silly, isn't he? Auntie Jill didn't go right upside down, but I did hang from my harness on my back with no hands. Not very relaxing, but FUN none-the-less.

We had a great day today. Tomorrow is our last full day here. We have an afternoon excursion booked again. Come back tomorrow evening to find out what we made our kids do this time.
far away {from the farm},

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  1. Good for you Asha! You are so brave!
    What an amazing experience - your kids will be talking about this for years. We are so looking forward to seeing you all when you get back - and reliving some of those feelings all over again. Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.
    Miss ya, Lisa