Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yesterday we left our house in Playa Grande :( and ventured onto the busier area of Tamarindo and Langosta. We are staying in a villa in Langosta for the next three nights. The villa is right on the beach (just steps down a sandy path). Below is the view from our balcony and from the window in our bedroom. This photo is taken at low tide. The water will come pretty close to the pathway later on at high tide. Last night, Ron & I had a hard time sleeping as the waves were crashing against the rocks right outside.......tough life, eh?!?In the evening, Carter was the one that humoured his mother and went with me to the rocky beach to give me some "practice" with sunset photos. I literally have dozens of them (some good; some bad -- I'll share more of my faves later, Allison). Carter loves to climb on all the rocks at the beach (such a different beach then that at Playa Grande). It'll be fun to explore today, further to the right & left, to see what we find. More beautiful beach, I would imagine.
I have already warned my family that tonight we WILL be venturing out on the beach to get some family sunset shots -- I find it easier on them when I warn my family. I think they always KNOW it's coming, but they still like to give me a hard time. There is sooooo much more to share, but our wireless here is a lot slower. I'm having difficulty loading more than 2-3 photos. There'll be lots more to share when I get home.
You will NEVER guess what our family did this morning. It involves monkeys, incredible heights & amazing speeds!!!!!!! I still cannot believe it OUT of my element, but still wonderfully enjoyable.
I wonder if Colin will have a guess????!? Betcha' you wouldn't believe what your Auntie Jill did.
I'll post a photo tonight to share.
The beach is calling........hear it?!?
not {from the farm},

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  1. Auntie Jill - Did you zipline through the jungle? Did I guess right? I can't believe it! Wonder what you saw up there - if you actually did zipline... please tell me ... I am waiting... Colin