Monday, January 4, 2010

our day

We have finally reached our destination after a much-exhausting (but safe) voyage: Costa Rica. We have already, in just one day, had a few very enjoyable adventures as a family.

We are staying in a beautiful house (called "Casa Bonita") for the first 5 nights. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with great living space and a gorgeous front yard with a private pool, outdoor shower, grill, eating area & lounging couches. We are all enjoying our space so much!!!!

About a 2 minute walk will get you to our beach. We took a little walk to it last night, and spent a good portion of the day today there as well. Ron & I actually had to tag-team going with Carter & Asha, as Daria had been up all night throwing up. We think she was just over-tired and under-nourished from our travel days. She chippered up by mid-afternoon and we joined Ron & the younger ones at the beach by about 3-ish. Hopefully she will be up for some more adventuring tomorrow, but we are not pushing her at this time.
Some of the more exotic plantlife in our front yard. Just breath-taking.

Carter woke up this morning and went straight for his book he got from Ma for Christmas. He announced that he thought "we should all just grab our books and chill-ax for a bit before we have breakfast". What a goof!!! He is definitely enjoying this trip so far -- and chill-axing ALOT.
We spent some time in the pool this morning and exploring the yard. Carter discovered a blue-tailed skink under the table on the patio. Apparently, according to the geography major in the family, he informed us that a blue-tailed skink can release its tail if it is being hunted by predators. Amazing. He was a cute little critter and we watched him try desperately to run around the very slippery tile on the patio for quite a while. Amazing what can entertain a Canadian Family in the Tropics.
We were also visited by not 1, not 2, but 3 quite large iguanas in the trees this morning. These guys are massive -- something I would not want to get too close to without a stick in my hand. Carter lovingly named this guy "Phil", after his Webkinz iguana back at home.

After Daria was feeling abit better, she had some fun relaxing in the pool. The owners of the house have 3 big blow-up floaties in the pool. Coincidence? Don't know. But very nice for the kids!!!!

And this is our beach that I was talking about earlier. When we went there the first time today, there were about 20 people there and it didn't get any busier as the day went on. It is beautiful and safe to leave our towels on the sand and play together in the water. You can see for a few miles each way. At low tide (between 11am and 4 pm), we could play in the waves with the kids very easily. At high tide (after 4), we cannot step more than 5 feet towards the water from the edge before we are completely soaked. That's when all the surfers come out and strut their stuff. It's very cool to watch.
And the sunsets have been just gorgeous. I'll get some photos yet.........Don't worry, Allison.
Asha even enjoyed the beach today. She loved running in and out of the tide and getting splashed by the little waves. She even got adventureous and came out with us to the bigger waves and we would help her jump over them.

Oh, and by the way, THIS is our pool boy & gardener, Michael. He comes every day at 3:00 to clean the pool, wash the deck & check the garden. Isn't that lovely!!!!! A girl could get used to this -- just gotta get me-self a pool!!!!!
All the updating for today. Ron is officially snoring beside me -- it's been a fun day for all of us. The kids are all sleeping, the house is quiet (except for those birds outside that tap on the trees so loud that it feel like they are right beside you).
Time for bed. Tonight, while in the washroom, I discovered a little lizard crawling on the walls of the kids' shower. Oh my word.......could you all imagine if Asha was showering at the time that we discovered that. She would have broken through the glass of the shower door -- NOT GOOD. I'll have to keep an eye out for any more crawly-creatures in her room in the future.
Talk soon.
NOT {from the farm},


  1. Yeah!!! You made it safe and sound and have internet access!!! It looks simply divine... house, beach, pool, pool guy and all!! And YES... I expect to see some stunning sunsets... my favourite photos to capture... be sure to try some fun silhouettes!! Have way too much fun my friend! Allison

  2. Do you think you would have still gone if you knew beforehand about the "creatures" sharing your house? Maybe Asha will overcome her fear of all-things-creepy on this vacation? Wishfull thinking?
    Love you all, Lisa

  3. Hope Daria is feeling better. Bri wishes she was there playing in the waves with Asha! Do you think you could bring the pool boy/man home to help out in summer?

  4. You guys look like you are having sooo much fun on that vacation!eay to go. I LOVE family vacations, no business, no deadlines, just enjoying the chillax in life! That is the best vacation ever!have fun Hildebrands!!!!! take lots of notes, I think I might want to go there one day, need the low down!lol.