Monday, January 18, 2010

M.I.A. .... sorry

Sorry I have been away for so long. On the last night of our fabulous vacation in Costa Rica, I got the stomach flu and spent the whole night on the bathroom floor. You can imagine the next 2 days (travel days home). Wasn't the way I wanted to spend my last day on incredibly glad to finally be home. The flight out of Liberia, rough........., what with all the mountains, volcanoes, etc. in Costa Rica. It was a bit scarey. But we made it home (with no serious airport gliches) and I'm ready to share all about our final day in Langosta.Most of you know by now that we spent the whole afternoon on the Blue Dolphin Catamaran -- sailing and snorkelling. It was Daria's & Carter's FIRST-ever snorkel experience........and boy, did they get a good show!!!!! To be honest, they were a little nervous about the whole experience at first, and we kinda' felt we were forcing them into it. But we KNEW they would love it, once they got their feet wet.
Daria ended up snorkelling with this SUPER-fun 25-ish year old girl named Jessica (who, btw, is originally from MB) and they both went with the snorkel guide, Carlos. They ended up seeing puffer-fish, seasnakes, and tons of other cool fish & sea-life. They were gone the longest of anyone and Dare was soooooooo excited when they finally got back to the boat. We had no idea where they all ended up.

Carter & Ron were together the whole time, snorkelling and finding lots of cool stuff under the water. All I saw were their colourful noodles and two bums floating on the surface of the water. It was soooooo cool to see Carter & his dad enjoying this together. There were lots of great stories when we were back on the boat together.

Asha & I took a ride to the shore and explored the black-sand beach. It was INFESTED with tiny crabs -- which Asha did not appreciate in the slightest way (she screamed almost the whole time) -- but we made the best of it and had some fun in the sun & water. Lots of distractions on mommy's part and some patience as well.

It was nice to get back on the boat to enjoy some more drinks & some snack that the crew had prepared. How did the crew know that Asha loved pepperoni so much?!?
Then the real party began. We all enjoyed a contest of jumping off the front of the catamaran; lots of cool jumps (air guitar by Carter, splits by Ron, etc.)......all egged on by the coolest chick in the world, Jessica. Then........everyone got a little crazy and jumped off the roof of the boat -- yes, right up by the sails. Even Carter & Daria took their turns jumping off the roof -- no lifejackets even. It was a hoot!!!!! The kids all had a blast.........special thanks to a wonderful new friend, Jessica!!!!!
On the way back to the beaches of Tamarindo, we enjoyed our last beautiful Costa Rican sunset -- while Carter enjoyed his 4th Coke of the day.
It was one of the most fun & memorable days in Costa Rica we had spent. The kids ranked it as #1 on their list (Asha's #1 was zip-lining in the end -- figure that).
Highly recommend visiting Costa Rica. If you need a guide, I'd be happy to excort you & your family. :)
be back soon {from the farm},
(i gotta lot of scrap-life catchin' up to do)


  1. Glad to hear that all of you had a fantastic trip. Sorry to hear that you were sick in the end. I can emphasize as I was sick the last two days of mine & Myron's honeymoon. And I was in the same predictament as you - spent the night in the bathroom. Love your pictures! I can't wait to go on my next trip somewhere warm! Take care. Lisa

  2. love the "4th coke of the day". so would happen in my house (especially if Jim is watching the kids)
    glad you guys had so much fun. the pics are great. I have been on a beach invested by crabs too, not the most exciting. poor girl.
    boy is Dar getting big. yowsa!