Monday, March 1, 2010

these moments

In the aftermath of the Olympic Ceremonies last night I started thinking about all the incredible moments that have happened in just two weeks. Our family watched more Olympic coverage this year than we ever have. Could have been the age of our children; could be the business of our lives (yeah, right?!?); but I think it was because all the events we watched were actually "LIVE" at the time. We were not watching an event that we already knew the outcome of from a different time zone. We were experiencing the thrill, the rush, the excitement, the drama, the suspense with the rest of Canada & some of the rest of the world.
We are a HUGE sports family -- so you can only imagine what our house looked like in the evening with everyone around the t.v. watching their favourite event.
Wanted to share just a few of the highlights for me (source:

1. Gold medallists Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir - pairs figure skating. Love their connection & passion for their sport and each other.

2. Skeleton "crazy-man" from Russell, MANITOBA!!!!!! Jon Montgomery -- love this guy's energy. Al, we may have to get this guy for an up-coming cruise?!?
3. Joannie Rochette's awesome display of courage & strength.

4. Crosby's "golden goal" in OT -- are you kidding me?!? A remarkable event that made grown men across the country weep for joy.
keep cheering others on {from the farm},

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