Saturday, March 13, 2010

you look how I feel

We have been suffering from foggy days here in Manitoba and it is starting to wear on my nerves. Usually I can see the road down our half mile lane (see photo below), but all I see these days is fog, fog, fog. It's depressing. Don't know how the people on the west coast deal with rainy & wet weather for much of the winter. I will take the minus 30 weather for weeks on end..... anyday. So... I got out my new rubber boots the other day. funky. cool. and a little sassy (that's for you, Cale).
This is what the back of my van looks like EVERY DAY!!!! and the sides. and the front. and the inside, for that matter. yuck.

hoping to see the sun soon {from the farm},

Come back Monday to see some layout photos -- been scrapping lots lately due to the dreary weather.

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  1. i had to laugh, i just posted a layout of me and my rubber boots too. great minds think alike, should we say!!! i can't wait to see what kind of pages you have been coming up with.