Monday, March 8, 2010

beautiful AND talented

Our downstairs computer has been out of commission for a few months due to the lack of a descent monitor. So, I got it up and running again this evening because I wanted to work on some digital banners for my blog. Like the newest one? Nothing fancy -- just "playing" with some brushes & backgrounds that my sister-in-law borrowed to me.

Anyway... came across some photos that I haven't looked at for a while.

Found these photos of some canvas art that I created about a year or two ago.

This one is an inspirational canvas -- think it's actually still hanging in the Smalltown Scrappers store........hmmmmm -- gotta check on that.

I worked on these next 2 canvases for my niece's birthdays. Printed 3 great 3x5 inch photos of each of them, then used a variety of supplies to decorate the canvas: paint, stamps, pattern paper, crystal swirls, flowers, gems, Thickers, etc. Love how they turned out and I know that they both hang them in their rooms at home -- I've seen them there.

Very simple, but they both scream "teenage girl".

And so..... if you are still wondering about this blog post title and you are STILL thinking that I am talking about myself, you are incredibly and mistakenly WRONG!!!!!
I am referring to these two beautiful women (the same two that are on the canvases above): Sophie & Alyssa -- 2 of my wonderful nieces.

This coming weekend they will be performing in The Sound of Music at their high school. Alyssa is one of the nuns and Sophie, I do believe, is in the Chorus. I am sooooo incredibly proud of these two girls. They are so beautiful AND talented in both singing & acting. Their personalities are contagious and their smiles light up everyone's day. Although I don't get to see them as much as I would like, I think about them often and look forward to family gatherings & weekends when we can chat and catch up on what's happening in their lives. I must admit, there are moments when they scare me just a little -- as Daria, my oldest, is growing up way too quickly some days and will some day be talking about the things they are right now. Slow down, girls -- YOU growing up means your Auntie Jill is also getting older -- .
Anyway..... just know that I am sooooo proud of you girls and I am looking forward to Friday evening when we all get to see you on stage. Clapping already!!!!!
getting sappy -- hey, I'm allowed to; I'm the auntie {from the farm},

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