Thursday, March 25, 2010

out-of-the-box baby gift

Last week I whipped up this cute little baby gift for a woman I've never met before.
Ron was hauling canola down to the States for the last time before restrictions were coming on and he suddenly sprang on me the night before that Jess* was going on maternity leave that week. Now...... let's be clear here: Jessica works at the plant that Ron is at weekly and he often will go into the office to visit with the people there (friendly guy, I guess). Over the years, I have actually used her place of work to ship any scrapbooking "goods" to places in the States (i.e. cruise kits, etc.). She's an incredibly nice person AND fellow scrapbooker, but..... I've never met her before. The odd time, I've sent a little "scrapbook package" down with Ron for Jess -- just because.
So, I created this photo display for her using a Lisa Bearnson Photo Folder kit that I purchased online about a year ago. She can just slip her newborns photos (all 4x6) onto the photo mats and display them somewhere in her home.
Ron was a little apprehensive handing Jessica a gift that had "love you" plastered over the front, but I told him to explain the gift to her (that it's for HER BABY) and he would be just fine -- very funny!!!!

What a quick & easy project. I love that it is not the ordinary baby gift.
working on some LOs today -- will show soon.
{from the farm},

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  1. Wish I was pregnant and having a baby!!! WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! NOT!!!! Maybe you could do the same thing for a friend whose getting a new house instead of a new baby!!! YEAH!!! That's it!!!

    Seriously... this is "the lady" that helped get your cruise supplies to Miami right? What a great token of thanks!!! It's beautiful!!

    We need to chat soon!!!