Friday, June 18, 2010

these 3

Happy Father's Day (this weekend) to these 3 amazing Dads in our life.

my Dad: a goof, a "lover" -- not a "fighter", an example of faith & the strongest man I will ever know. Recently, someone compared me to my Dad (normally I am told I am "just like your mother" -- still very cool now that I am older). Because I had NEVER heard anyone say I was like my Dad, I was very happy & proud to have some sort of quality that came from him and reminder someone of my Dad, while talking to ya' Dad.
my father-in-law: so incredibly kind, sincere & generous, one of Asha's favourite people in this world & the best father-in-law a woman could ever dream of having. Thank you, Dad for EVERYTHING that you do for our family!!!! It never gets un-noticed and we are truly grateful for the special bond you have with our children & with us. Love you, Dad.and my Rock, my everything, my pillar of practicality & reason. This guy needs special tlc & lovin' this weekend for EVERYTHING he does for our family. Thank you, Ron........forever!!! (insert sappy music here).

Check back on Monday to see what we were up to this weekend......big, BIG weekend for our family!!!!!
keep smiling {from the farm},


  1. so sweet... enjoy your weekend!

  2. No surprise, but this post brought tears to my eyes... just REALLY feeling the need to appreciate those around us... that is the WHY of life amidst all the other "fun" stuff :) Glad you too, have amazing men in your life!