Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i say "today" because it seems to change weekly -- just depends on what i'm working on & checking out online.

right now, my husband & i are (in the midst of) changing our backyard entertainment area (with tons of help from my dad). this photo is definitely inspiration for a lounging/seating area. just don't know if we'd have room for it........and would it stand up to the harsh, MB climate?!? but i could totally see our family relaxing here in the evenings......swatting mosquitos.
i'm looking for ideas to decorate a huge wall in my front the letters here......great, graphic wall art. (may need some help from my little sis).
and how 'bout these fabulous wall sconces made from old, vintage floor grates. would look great on my back deck/patio area.

and......"hello".......can you say inspiration here??!? i think this wallpaper would look funky framed and hanging on the back-"splash" of my office.
and loving the pop of colour in this chandelier!!!!! now THAT'S a statement piece. would love something like that hanging above my bed........practical? no......but very cool!!! (unlike the white ceiling fan we have right now, right Lisa??).
hope you find inspiration somewhere today as well.
breathing, sighing, smiling {from the farm},

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  1. I am so understanding you head space right now...our backyard is a pile of dirt right now...and I am in the seeking inspiration mode! Thanks for the great pics!