Monday, June 14, 2010

surprise phone call

okay, i know, i've been waiting long enough for my exciting news and for me to introduce that fabulous company that i was chatting about a few weeks ago.

so, i was minding my own business the other day, cooking supper & teaching my oldest how to cook rice on the stove, when the phone rings and i pick it up. Now, understand that suppertime around our house is kinda' nuts at the best of times. But, that night, one had baseball, my dad was out doing renos, supper was running late, and the kids were getting hungry. So, I think I kinda' snapped a little "hello" into the phone. Well........on the other end of the line is the sweeeetest southern voice I'd ever heard asking for me. She introduces herself as, none-other-than "Nikki Sivils" -- THE Nikki Sivils -- and I have to quickly pull myself together because THIS is the phone call that I had been waiting for!!!!! Wow....i couldn't believe it...... Nikki was actually calling me IN PERSON. I felt very honoured and we had the greatest chat. She's just one of the nicest persons i've ever never met. She actually sent me some (i mean "a ton") of her papers in the mail after she found out i couldn't find them anywhere around here. Now, who actually does that?!? So we chatted & laughed & really connect.....especially after she............

invited me to be on her International DESIGN TEAM!!!!!

Woohoo!! I'm really pumped b/c she has some great products and you know HOW MUCH i love designing with the latest & greatest products in this industry. Seriously....go check her products out here and see for yourself.

So......I'll be posting on her blog, designing projects & layouts for her gallery, and chatting all her fabulous stuff up on my blog.

Go check her blog out today to see the line up that i'll be designing with.

Here's the layouts (& card) I submitted to her for the DT Call.

1. a layout about myself:
2. any layout that shows my style:
3. a card:
so, GO NOW, and check out Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker for the list of fabulous designers that will be joining Nikki's team!!!

enjoy your day {from the farm},



  1. Congrats, Jill!
    It will be fab to be there with you!!!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you my scrappin' soul sista!!!!!! I can hardly wait to see more of your work for Nikki!!! Glad you two connected and maybe you WILL get to meet her in person... winter CHA????? Just sayin'!!!!!!

  3. CONGRATS Jill! That's Awesome!!!

  4. Jill- my hubby read your blog post and told me I HAD to read it!! (He gets all "Nikki Sivils" goggle alerts, he'd what you to know that so you didn't think he was blog hopping.. lol!!) Anywho.. you are too sweet and funny, I had know idea you had so much going on in your home! I enjoyed talking with you and do hope to meet you IRL soon!! Congrats and welcome to this team!! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!! -Nikki