Monday, June 21, 2010

going on faith.......

So, I promised you I'd share what was so exciting for our family this weekend.
Well......Daria (our 12 year old) performed in Manitoba's Passion Play: The Carpenter this weekend in La Riviere, MB. Anyone who has no idea what this is......"A Passion Play gives an account of the suffering of Jesus Christ during the last days of His life.......their aim is to show something of the nature and character of Jesus himself, and of the overwhelming love of His Father -- a love that can touch us personally even today." The play's setting is in a outdoor theatre in a valley. The surroundings are spectacular; so natural & beautiful. You cannot help but know that God is present as you watch the performances.

Dare's been busy with practices every weekend for over 1 1/2 months now; multiple dress rehearsals & lots of late nights. This weekend was busy with the 4 performances that made everything all worth while.

And what an incredibly proud moment it is to see your own daughter up on stage. Now, don't get me wrong, I've been there before -- I've seen Dare perform " on stage" lots of times: festivals, school productions, church productions, etc. It was just a little different seeing her on stage with such an elite & talented cast in a production that is so incredible and powerful and close to the hearts & faith of our family. It was truly a delight to see Dare on stage, calling out Jesus' name (played by a very good friend of our family) and making a personal choice to be in this play. I was so proud of her and found my eyes following her around the stage (and forgetting that the rest of the actors were there as well).
{Dare's the one on the right}
{Dare's standing on the right side -- pink dress}
So.....with that weekend over (& what a wonderful weekend it was).........we start swimming lessons today (twice/day), baseball continues, last week of school.........then summer holidays!!!!! Phew.......I think we'll make it.

Working on some NikkiSivils projects & some mSB layouts...........maybe some peeks soon. ;)

rainy again today {from the farm},


  1. how exciting. I LOVE the passion play and have seen versions in different places. My favourite was in south Dakota in their outdoor amplitheate. brought shivers to me. such a great story, what a super proud momma moment.
    miss you Jill!
    need to get here to comment more. you have been really rocking it out!

  2. i had no idea dare was in the passion play. that is so awesome! you got wonderful pics too jill... a great keepsake of this event. have a good weekend.