Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day -- FANTASTIC!!!

This morning marked the official FIRST DAY of school for everyone in our school division. The kids were up bright and early to make sure they were ready to go. They are always so cooperative when it comes to me getting their "first day of school" photos. Although the lighting was not great in the house -- it was raining outside -- I managed to grab a few shots of both Carter & Daria. With breakfast eaten, backpacks full (stuffed to the brim for Dare) and smiles on -- they were ready for the day.

Daria was rockin' for the camera this morning. She is such a natural infront of the camera and we always have fun whenever we do a photo shoot. I love so many of the photos I took of her this morning -- it was hard to pick just a few. Dare, wait.........LOVES fashion and we have already seen the fashion show that showcases her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th day outfits. love it!!!! Dare, of course, did the "hip school-girl" thing this morning (complete with purple plaid socks, skater-shoes & a new scarf). She is growing up way too fast for me.

Carter is more conservative when it comes to taking photos. Don't get me wrong -- he likes to goof around, but I find that he moves too fast to pick anything up with my lens that isn't fuzzy. So I have to tell him to stand still and he moves into the "too cool for you" pose. Carter opted for the "NBA-look" this morning and was all ready and packed by 7:30 am -- teeth brushed, water bottle in the backpack, shoes on, waiting for the bus (bus comes at 8). Usually I don't wake him until 7:30, but everyone was up with the birds this morning. A little excited, y' think??

And look who was the saddest of everyone in our family. Kayna (our 1 year old St. Bernard/Gr. Dane cross) was just beside herself with grief as the kids went off to school this morning. Poor, girl!!

Asha, my youngest, starts her First Day of Kindergarten on Monday. Come back then to see those {100 or so??} photos!!!!!!! lol.
smiling {from the farm},

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