Monday, September 7, 2009

Colour Confidential

Today I want to show you some layouts that I have most recently created using Monochromatic Colours. I love this technique for 2 reasons:

First, b/c I get to search my scrapbooking supplies for supplies that I may not have used in a while. Let's be honest with ourselves, people. We tend to use the latest & greatest supplies that we have either just purchased, or the supplies that are lying in that cute little basket on the corner of our desks that are the "must-uses" for every layout or project. Come I the only one with a basket like that {actually, mine is more like a bucket -- lol}.
Second, b/c there is soooooo much less brainwork involved when you know that you are primarily using {let's say -- GREEN} on your layout. stretching your brain to decide whether you're gonna frame your photo with pink pattern paper to match your daughter's tee, or blue pattern paper to match the baseball cap your son is wearing in the photo. Yikes......that is stress {lol}.

So........if those kinds of things stress you out, or/ you would like a great, new technique that may stretch your supplies alittle, why don't you try a Monochromatic Layout??

Here's some of mine.

This first one, as you can see, I used primarily shades of red & pink. I was able to use some pretty bold patterns in my paper & ribbon selections b/c the background paper is quite solid. The lace detail around the border adds some texture to the layout, without being too overwhelming. I wanted to keep this layout very simple so the photo {which, btw, i love} would be the focus of the layout.

This next layout is a fave of mine. It literally took me 15 minutes from start to finish (am I supposed to admit that?). The longest part of the creation process here was stitching the punched circles on. For interest, I decided to use neutral tone-on-tone pattern papers for the circles -- some ledger, some floral, some stripes & some script. I think the pattern papers add some interest to the uniform sized circles.

Here's a close up photo of the stitching. I folded the edges of the circles up slightly to add some dimension to the page.

Next, I used green cardstock & pattern paper; green rub-ons from Basic Grey, green Magic Mesh; green felt embellies from Making Memories; and some green felt Alphabet stickers from Prima. I decided to go with a journaling tag in blue to bring out Asha's eyes in the top left photo. Love it.

Okay......this final layout was a true test of my scrapbooking skills. I wanted to really get a vintage look on this layout b/c the bicycle that my sister is riding here is from a friend's childhood. I really wanted to use the new gears stamp that I had just purchased as well. is my attempt at a more vintage looking page. How's I do? Of course, I couldn't create a Kraft-coloured layout without including my favourite Hambly pattern paper, some fabulous Prima flowers, divine Riff Raff Designs' clock hands, ledger paper for hand-journaling, and some sewn on brown ribbon. I think I achieved the look I was going for...........still practicing this look though. :)

Here's a close up of some of the "kraft-coloured" elements I included on this layout.

Stay tuned for some layouts that I'm in "stitches" about.


laughing {from the farm},


  1. Love them all!!
    Definitely going to try the mono-look. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You will love it, Lise. Can't wait to see what you create -- send them to me.

  3. Hi Jill, I love your layouts and it has been a long time since I have a done a monochromatic layout so this weekend that is what I'll do. Thanks for the inspiration. You are awesome :o)