Monday, June 27, 2011

a sister's apology

It was my little sister's birthday yesterday and I didn't even call her. How bad is that?
Thought I'd share a few of the layouts I have done in the past that have photos of her.

Playful: I love this first photo. She's the little one in the yellow bathing suit. I seem to remember this moment at Spruce Woods when we were little. Although we probably thought she was a pain in the butt at this point in our lives........we still had fun with her. I don't have the photo that happened right after this blissful moment........maybe we don't want to know. Maybe that's why she's never been a true mermaid in the water. What did we do to her?

House of Gold: I remember the wall paper. I remember the tacky linoleum. I remember playing with the farm pets we had growing up. But, for the life of me, I don't remember this dog!!!! It's funny. None of us do. Don't ya just love the red turtle-neck and overalls on me? And look at that mushroom haircut.
3 roomies: I've had the priviledge of vacationing with both of my sisters -- not at the same time (that would be CRAZY!!!!) -- but, on seperate occasions. Although my older sister & I had a blast together, I think the most special vacation was spent cruising the Caribbean with my younger sister. It was incredibly meaningful to watch her first reactions to so many things on our holiday. We were able to share so many moments together and I will cherish that forever. Thanks, Buff, for coming along and helping me through a week of work that would have been difficult if you had not been there.

Blissful: My younger sister has a complete wacky side of her and she is so funny....sometimes. This was a time when she was determined to ride this crazy, retro bike that my older sister has on the farm. She could hardly stay on the thing -- she was practically peeing with laughter. And so were the rest of us.
Picture Perfect: Although there are a ton of differences within us three sisters, I do not deny the similarities. We are too much like our mother -- and she's a pretty incredible woman herself. The three of us live so close to one another and we are so blessed to have children the same age, who love each other very much. So, I will never take my sisters for granted. I know this doesn't happen everyday -- that three sisters can see each other whenever we want. That we can share a bond so close that it makes people around us stop and take notice.
Happy Birthday, Buffy.....a little late, I know.

From your two OLDER sisters.

{from the farm},


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