Saturday, June 25, 2011

make me smile

It's been a pretty bleak Spring here on the farm. Although the crop is {somewhat} in the ground -- most of it -- we are still facing LOTS of rain in the forecast. To tell you the truth, it's pouring right now (again) as I type this. As farmers, we wait all winter for a glimpse of spring when we can sow our crops and work all summer for a harvest. We live for it. Which, in a nutshell, is why we are farmers in the first place. We love the challenges -- although this one that He is giving us this time is a bit much, my dear husband would say. It's a challenge alright, just trying to stay positive everyday when the sun shines in the morning and the clouds start rollin' in during the evening.

So.......I thought I should post some of the more upbeat things that are happening around here. Things that are making me smile.

1. My flower beds are looking great. A lot of the blooms are full right now and some of my faves (lilies, lamb's ear, lilacs) are filling the beds nicely. I love taking my coffee in the morning and walking around the yard in silence, just looking at the beauty.....and the weeds. ;) Yes...they are there as well. This is one of my favourite beds in my yard -- I can see it from my front living room window.

2. I out did myself the other evening (if I can brag), and created a marvelous meal of barbequed cod, garlic mashed potatoes & green beans. Carter thought it looked like something at The Olive Garden.........funny, we never go there. Don't know why he said that.
I actually thought of Allison Orthner while I took this photo of my supper because she, in the past, has emailed me on occassion to ask what I was making for supper. Too funny. Well, girl........wish you could have enjoyed it with me.

3. Carter is, again, learning to mow our lawn. It is so fun to watch him as he zips around on the mower. He is much braver than I think he should be -- going way too fast for his mother to be watching him. He sings at the top of his lungs the whole time (notice his mouth in this picture). I love sneaking a photo now and then.

4. Daria is done her Grade 7 exams. She wrote two of them -- L.A. & Science. And......amidst all the studying and last week of classes, she and Carter decided they should get StrepThroat. I actually thought Dare had mono because she would literally fall asleep in the middle of studying (and she's a BIG studying-kind-of-kid). One night she fell asleep in the middle of the dining room floor, with her study notes all around her. She ended up writing her Science exam at home, in her jammies. But they are done now and she is on penicillin and on the mend. Carter is still quite sick, but I'm sure by Monday we'll have some meds for him......and then he'll be back to mowing & singing!!!

5. I finally caved and gave Asha a 7th birthday party for her. She had been bugging me since......ummmm......March 31st!!!!!!! Anyway, last weekend she invited three friends over for a little sleepover in the basement. We put the big tent up in the rec room and they had some fun....camping in the basement. Now no more listening to "when am I going to have my party?" ('til next year).

I don't have a photo of today, but we had a wonderful day outside today as well. We've been working hard to get our new camper in order for the summer. We parked it by the house last evening and the girls slept in it together. Fun stuff. It was a beautiful day, sunny & hot.'s raining (pouring) and the power just went out in the house. Asha will not be impressed as her room is in the basement and it will be black down there.

We can see the sky opening up in the west. It's a spectacular orange. Amazing what God will bring after the bleakness. He tests us all the time; giving us a challenge and then lets us know He still cares and will send beauty in the end. Wow.......{sigh}.

Glad there's church tomorrow...........looking forward to it.

good-night {from the farm},


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  1. This post made me miss you sooooo much!!! Your kids are getting sooooo big and I'm soooo jealous over your plant bed!! I just can't seem to figure out "outdoor decorating" at all :( And I can't imagine being a farmer this year... I know you know God is in control, but yup... sometimes we just gotta wonder outloud... and then He brings the sun, even if in small glimpses, to remind us :) Anyways, love you, miss you and can't wait to chat and hopefully SEE you sometime soon!!! Oh and... what's for supper tonight?????