Tuesday, January 18, 2011

we celebrate in style

So.....we started the New Year off with style this year. A good friend & cousin brought about 20 live lobsters out to my sister & brother-in-law's farm to kick off the year with a feast.
My brother-in-law found this huge pot in the barn that they used to use when they slaughtered pigs & made sausage. There's a special German name for it -- and I know it -- but just can't spell it {lol}. The men started the fire up & heating the water around 3 in the afternoon and we showed up around 5-ish. It actually felt like I was in the middle of the lake ice fishing all day (although we were just steps from the house). With the ice & snow, the fire going, the kids playing in a huge fort by the barn & the drink in my hand, the party was just beginning.

We threw all 20 lobsters in at one time and it didn't take long before it started smelling like supper. It was so cold outside that the steam created by the boiling water made it tricky to see the lobsters cooking.
Twenty minutes later, the lobsters were ready to come out of the pot. We used three large roasters and lugged them inside the house as they were taken out of the water.

And here was our feast. How delicious does this look -- if you love lobster, that is??!? My sister had made some garlic butter on the stove that we dipped our meat in. Wow!!! I definitely ate waaaaaaay too much -- but it was so worth it.
still recovering {from the farm},

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