Friday, January 21, 2011

Disney // as promised

So... let's start here.
Asha came to me about 2 weeks before our vacation and asked about getting "autographs" from all the Princesses that she was going to meet in Disney World. I chatted with her about "THE book" options and we decided on a home-made creation -- something chipboard with pattern & cardstock papers inside. Well.....what a hit it was with ALL the Princesses that Asha met on her adventures!!! (Made Mommy feel pretty special as well).
Now, I don't know if they say they like everyone's albums.....but they sure were bursting about Asha's. Cool!!!!! Asha was grinning from ear-to-ear. I'll show photos of it once we get all the photos in it.

Here's a few favourites from our visit to Epcot on the first day of our trip:

Asha & Mulan

Asha, Princess Jasmine & Prince Aladdin

So.....this is what my hilarious husband does on all our vacations. He picks up on these quirky, little things that would only catch the attention of a few and he embarrasses all of us.
Outside the China exhibit at Epcot, Ron stood for minutes on end spinning this plate on a stick -- something we had just seen by some cute little children in a show -- an actual show at the park -- not some Canadian 30-ish man who is trying to send his children running in the opposite direction. What a goof!!! And I.........I just get my camera out and snap!!! It was hilarious -- at least I thought so.
And then there's always this..............what else can I say?!? I was so enchanted by the Eiffel Tower at the France exhibit (France is my dream-vaca) and all Ron could do was try on ridiculous felt (PINK!!!!!) hats. Oh.....I keep falling in love with him more & more every year!!!?!!!!!

So......I'll share more photos as I get them editted and pick my faves. This is just a sampling of the fun we had.....for now!!!!!
{from the farm},

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