Monday, January 24, 2011

lions & tigers & BEARS?????

Well, we didn't exactly see bears at Animal Kingdom, but it is one of the favourite spots to hit when you go to Disney. Definitely always a highlight for our family.

Daria snapped this photo of Ron & I while waiting in line for the Kilaminjaro Safari Ride. love it!!!

This is the view of the famous "Everest" roller coaster from the bridge in Africa. Everest is over in Asia and it was such a breathtaking sight to see from all areas of the park. We, of course, all went on this ride (except Asha -- she was too short for it). Daria went on twice!!!!
Kilaminjaro Safari sights:

This guy, they say, is hardly ever spotted this closely. We were so lucky to see him.

Asha & Carter enjoyed spending time with some goats at Rafiki's Planet Watch. You'd think they'd never been on a farm before or seen farm animals {lol}. They loved the goats & sheep and they spent at least half an hour just walking around while their new friends followed them.
Here, Asha is enjoying a dinosaur dig in the giant sandbox in Dinoland. Actually, it's a funny story leading up to this photo.
There was this huge "Boneyard" play structure and playground that the kids can play in. You know the kind; tons of ropes & tubes & slides & ramps. The perfect spot to lose your children. Well.....guess what??? Ron & I had given both Asha and Carter about 2 more minutes play time and then we were going to meet at the entrance. 2 minutes went by. 5 minutes went by. 7 minutes went by. Jill started to panic. Ron never does.
What we didn't know was that, although there was only one way of getting in and out of the play structure, we didn't know there was a whole new world across the bridge over the street. We finally found the two kids digging happily in the sandbox, not even thinking for a second that they were lost.
Both Asha & Carter loved taking the little maps (either of birds or other animals) and trying to spot everything on it. Here, Asha is trying to find all the birds on her map in the bird sanctuary. I wasn't much help -- I'm not too fond of birds-at-large {lol}.

Still more Disney memories to come. Wed. I'll get some photos printed so I can start some projects. I've got some BRAND NEW!!!!!! Nikki Sivils products just screaming for some Disney photos!!!!!! I'll share soon.
{from the farm},


  1. i like how you went all the way to disney and your kids spent time with goats and sheep. true farm kids you have raised!

    i'm still anxiously waiting to see the princess book asha made and got signed. i went to disney world for the first time when i was 20. i'm pretty sure i was the only one my age standing in line. lol. i swear if i have a baby girl i'll take her there before she is in her teens.

  2. beautiful photos!! they are perfect for some scrapping! :-))))

  3. Oh it looks like you guys had so much fun!!! We have yet to take the girls anwhere disney and it is a must very soon our list!

    Miss you!