Thursday, December 10, 2009

painting again???

The other evening {like so many evenings} I was waundering around on some of my favourite blogs & websites. Ki Memories {LOVE this company} was having a fun, little challenge on their blog -- taking a favourite {busy} pattern paper and adding white paint to calm it down a bit. Then using it as your background to start your layout.

Well........the "calming down my busy pattern paper" part did not really catch my attention -- as all of you know, I LOVE LOTS OF PATTERN!!!!!! ON MY PAPER -- but.......the "adding white paint" sure made me curious. I had just purchased this fabulous pattern cardstock from Bazzill Basics and I was dying to see what a little paint would do to the embossed design -- totally the intent when I bought it. What a perfect excuse to start scrappin' at 10:30 at night!!!!!

So.....I got to work with the paint, brushing it on with a foam brush and wiping it off right away with a paper towel. The shiney, embossed motive {such a design word -- "motive"} resisted the paint and came shining through the paint. I left a cardstock border around the outside to show what the pattern paper used to look like. Love the effect.

Here's the completed layout. I know it doesn't really showcase any Ki Memories products, but it does stick with their challenge. Either way, I will definitely use this technique again. Thank You, Ki Memories for challenging me to get my fingers dirty on this one!!!!!

Here's a close up of the background pattern.
My title, "so, so blessed to have you" is very subtle against the background pattern. I used silver, vinyl letters cut from this beautiful woman and doodled around them with my favourite black Sharpie.

Always love adding a little bit of whimsy to every page. This felt, little "dear" is from BG.

I challenge you to get out your white paint and busy pattern paper. Create something today!!

Go visit the Ki Memories blog for more inspiration and check out their website here. I know you will fall in love with them -- just like I do every time I visit!!!!!!

drooling over Ki Memories {from the farm},


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  1. Soooo cute, Jill! :)
    Thanks so much for joining in the KI blog challenge! And I'm glad you had fun getting a bit messy with paint! It's my fave way to scrap! LOL :)
    ...Staci :)