Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my mother did well

One of the things on my list this year {which was very short, by the way} were some scrapbooking supplies. I had full confidence in my mom that she could walk into a store and know my tastes right away. She's seen my work and knows what I like. The only hint I gave her was that I love supplies by Prima Marketing Inc. AND Ki Memories.
Boy.....did she ever get it right!!!! Look at what I came away with!!!!! Can't wait to start some projects with these babies!!!!!
So.....we've been busy this Christmas. Thought I would share some Christmas sights with you -- just some of the new memories from this Christmas at the Hildebrand Household.
Carter received a fabulous World puzzle from his cousin, Solomon and we officially completed it the other day. Boy, was it ever difficult. Took 3 of us: Carter, Ron & myself. Lots of ocean pieces with tiny words on them (all the countries listed with lots of stats) -- right up C's alley. Great gift for the geography-lover in our family!!!! Thanks Sol.
Asha performed in her first "Kindergarten" Christmas Concert. They were little snowflakes and sang a little song. The handsome snowflake on the left is her cousin, Colin. Boy, were they ever cute!!!

Some photos of the kids with their presents.
We always go to church Christmas Eve. The kids are part of the annual play and Nativity Scene. Love this!!!!!!

And here are just a few of the sights that I am enjoying throughout our house these day:

Sweet music playing on the ipod.

My new bedside lamp from my little sister.

Our Christmas wreath hung on the new barn door to our office.
Some Christmas "bling" on the dining room table. I just purchased some of these before Christmas at one of my fave household stores -- Winners.
These beautiful embossed paper doves hung on the bathroom mirror from Ten Thousand Villages.
The HUGE vinyl chandalier hanging above my scrap-space. I'm planning to add a few more in different colours & sizes from my sister.
And my wonderful family. LOVE them sooooooooo much!!!!!!!

{from our farm} to your's.
Happy New Year!!!!


  1. LOVE it all! Kay... you so have to be my personal shopper for our new home... you coming to Calgary in April? Let's see, I love Winners, Home Sense and Ikea... START THE CAR!!! START THE CAR!!!

  2. Great photos and I agree with Allison you can come decorate for me too. Can't wait to see what you create with your new treasures. Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family in 2010!