Tuesday, November 2, 2010

update // with photos

Thought I'd update you on what's happenin' around here with a few photos I took last month. Love this cute one of Carter -- with the banana sticker on his forehead. It says: "Place Sticker on Forehead. Smile."
One afternoon the kids & I made some "goo" out of cornstarch and water. They all had a blast playing with it & messing up my kitchen.

Here's "my Ricki" with her mom, my sister (Lisa). Isn't she just adoreable. She's so much fun, with a sparkle in her eye. She has such a contagious bubbly personality.

This photo of Asha (age 6) was taken oThanksgiving weekend when my family went to a B&B out in the country. The kids always have a blast playing outside -- and the weather was gorgeous.

My FAMILY. I have two sisters -- I am the middle child {yes....I know what you're thinking; that explains a few things lol}. My older sister (Lisa) has two children; my younger sister (Laura Lee a.k.a. Buffy) has three children. All of the kids (except for Erica a.k.a. Ricki) have someone their age in the family. We are sooooooo lucky to have each other. Our kids are incredibly blessed to have cousins to play with. We are a very tight family with LOTS in common.

One of my favourite photos of Kevin & Laura Lee. Just LOVE the connection they show right here.

So......each Halloween season, our school puts on a pumpkin decorating contest. My kids, of course, think up the craziest ideas for the contest. "Mom, can WE make my pumpkin look like a Carousel Ride?" The the word "we" here is used very loosely, of course, by my six year old. Well...............somehow WE managed to create a Carousel Ride out of a pumpkin ................... and Asha (& I) managed to claim 2nd prize for it.
Carter (& his dad) created an ATV race track out of a huge pumpkin from our patch. They
even had the winning ATV rider crashing into the finish line.

And here is one of my favourite photos of Asha's school costume this year. I say "school costume" because my kids usually change their mind about their costumes about 6 times and then finally decide on one ................ only to change their mind AGAIN when they go out trick or treating. Asha went as a "Monster Bride" for school (see below) and then as the "Mad Hatter: Johnny Depp" for t or t in the evening. I'll show photos of them soon -- they are still on my camera.

Been a busy month. Love it!!!!!

smiling {from the farm},


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  1. Jill, LOVE the Walkinshaw pictures...when can I get my greedy little paws on the family pics of my crew? Gorgeous by the way, thanks again, you always save my butt with the Xmas pics!!