Thursday, October 28, 2010

A work-in-progress........ *december daily*

thought I'd share a few ideas about my dec. daily..........{for those resting on the couch this morning, browsing the web}.

the album is a 'homemade job' that i created using cardboard, transparencies, plain cardstock, 3 rings, pattern paper & a few extra embellishments. i'm trying to keep it 'simple stupid', but (i'm telling you) that's really hard.

this is my cover. i love the paper (october afternoon) -- you got a sneak peek yesterday, but i added a few buttons, some felt embellies and, of course, my title. i still want to add a little something to it with the date/year on it. still thinking on that one.

here's the first page when you open the cover. i REALLY wanted to use Kraft Cardstock for all the photo pages, so you would get this cool effect of seeing it when you look through the transparencies. but i didn't have enough kraft, so i went with it only on the 1st & 25th pages. love the simpleness of each transparency page.

here's the 2nd transparency page -- simple design, with the biggest impact being the actual transparency print.

these are the photo pages. i'm using the same design that ali edwards is using for her's {although i didn't download her digital ones -- i designed mine myself on word}. my pages go 'horizontal', not vertical like ali's. and they are about 6x8 inches in size. a 4x6 inch photo will fit perfectly on the larger space, with a bit of white showing on each side. the smaller rectangle space on the bottom will be for journaling, pattern paper, ribbon or some extra embellies.

this is my vision for each photo page. very clean & simple. i NOT me. it's good to create out-of-the-box sometimes.

i'm planning on using 'portrait' style photos as well. you may have to turn the album on it's side, but really........not hard to do, right??!?! this way i am not limitted to just taking landscape photos every day. this is a photo from last year that 1. isn't scrapped yet (yikes) and 2. is just for showing you my vision.

here's the dec. 25th page. again it's Kraft Cardstock. love the look it gives when it peeks from behind the transparency.

here's the back cover. some GREAT pattern paper by Crate Paper. love it and ALL their paper. i may add a little tag or sticker here with a 'created by:' piece.
still a huge work-in-progress.

can't wait to show you the finished product.
enjoying the sunshine today {from the farm},


  1. ha. i love it! thanks for sharing. i can't wait to see the completed project.
    i like how you are using the template like ali's. it's simple, but will be very cute.

    back to watching the sound of music on oprah!

  2. Love this! That is the exact size of mine! I am using 2 4x6 pics side by side on some of my days and just punching the holes straight into the left pic. That way you won't have to turn the album. Just an idea for ya! Love that Crate Paper on the back! If I owned that, it would be covering mine. :)

  3. I love your modification of Ali's pages. I'm thinking I might do the same myself. Haven't committed to the project yet, but this is encouraging. Thanks.

  4. I LOVE your album. Could you pls tell me the manufacturer of the vintage Red Christmas paper on the left side of Page 1. Also, your template is something I'm going to try to duplicate myself.
    Tks for sharing!

    Leslie &

  5. i love you album... The paper is wonderful and i love how you modification Ali's pages

  6. Love how 4x6 photos will fit perfectly in the space. Awesome job!