Wednesday, October 27, 2010

it's snowing // *project*

and i couldn't ask for a better day to start working on my "december daily" project -- [totally inspired by the lovely ali edwards].

i started thinking about it last night.

and i'm {almost} done today.

makes me smile...................on a very cold, slushy, wet, snowy day!!!!!!

happy creating {from the farm},

1 comment:

  1. if you are almost done i expect to see a few more pages showcased on here. i'm home all day...waiting by my computer for things to change on blogs/facebook/email, etc. lol.
    the cover is cute.
    what is the size of the book?
    last week i cut my papers (i'm using the new dear lizzy christmas line!!) and i created the cover of the album. It is an american craft 6*6 album, but I'm letting pages go out the top. I always include my christmas cards in them too and i find that they are always much i figured i would just take it into account when i'm making it.

    i like your layouts you put on buffy's blog.

    oh, and dan is working 10 hours a day (busy season) as much as he takes care of me when he gets home...there is a lot of day in there while i'm by myself. boo. thanks for your comment.