Monday, October 18, 2010

have a seat

So incredibly sorry for going m.i.a. for the past few weeks. It's been a busy time {here on the farm} and I think it's safe to say that we are almost done with the least my part of it.

I will share more photos of the past few weeks later, but I did want to share an updated photo of my dining room. Why? Well.........b/c my chairs are finally covered again -- they were sitting on the floor, un-upolstered for about 4 weeks!!!!!! Got them done just in time for the accountant to show up and use one of them {lol}.

Also moved up the side console from the basement that I purchased for about $30 at a second-hand store and painted bright orange. I just needed something to put the milk on when we have company over. I really love the finally look -- when the tables not covered with homework or Asha's drawing papers. I think it just needs an area rug (but that's up for debate in this family). "Rugs do not belong in the dining room"!!!!!! Who does the decorating anyway?!?!?!


come back soon to see some other fun photos from October.

{from the farm},


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  1. dining room looks amazing jill. you have such a talent when it comes to deocrating!