Saturday, April 10, 2010


smiling as i look at these images.
love the colours in this photo.

love all the letters on the wall. where can i find those? where can i find a wall for them?

love ali and all the inspiration she brings to my life. she's soooooo wise.
and missing this face like crazy!!!!!! what a beautiful & inspiring photo. need . to . get . new . head . shots . done . need . a . trip . to . calgary !!!dreaming of lovely things {from the farm},


  1. Congrats!!! X 100 (LOL)on your new DT assignment... Jill, I just LOVE your work and I'm so glad you are now going to be sharing it with the rest of the WORLD!!! I miss you at least once a week, and I miss your face like CRAZY - I know you don't hear from me often, but I do check into your blog to see how you are doing. I can't believe it's been a year since I last saw you at SB Your Heart in Caroline, AB - If you do a Calgary trip - LET ME KNOW! "I will walk 500 miles & I will walk 500 more" to see you! LOVE always
    Scrapbook Lynne

  2. Awe!!!!! You are way too sweet :) I miss you too like crazy!!! We so need to get together and "do crazy" together!!!!!! And YES... let's have a blast doing some fun and funky head shots!!!! When ya coming????????

  3. i am loVing that wall!!!!!!!

    that was so nice to put that photo of your friend on there like that! ooh..i see her "up" there, LOL!