Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Caution: CHANGE

Okay FRIENDS ..... brace yourselves. What you about to witness will blow your mind!!! This is the view of the trees on our yard -- just east of our house. In the summer, this "forest" looks lush and green and beautiful. The kids love to play in them, exploring and discovering old junk that has been hiding for many years. In the winter ... not so much beauty. The trees are actually all very old and most of them are either dead or dying. So...................... yesterday, our neighbour came over with his BIG, BEAUTIFUL BACKHOE and ........
...... took them all out!!! It was our idea -- not his -- don't worry. Nothing like a good neighborhood trick, eh?!? j.k. This is NOW the view from my back patio.

The kids' playhouse looks pretty lonely now -- in the middle of nowhere. But THERE'S A PLAN. We are ordering 100 lilac seedlings and planting them in a row along the east side of the yard -- right in line with the playhouse. I LOVE lilacs and I have NONE on my yard (well, I have a small bush that's 12 years old or so that everyone tends to run over with tractors, semis, etc.). So....the plan for a row of lovely lilacs delights me, myself & I. We're also going to plant a few shade trees as well -- probably near the playhouse. The playhouse is going to get a revamp this summer as well (Daria's project) so I can't wait for the cold to go and the sun to come and settle in.
Change is welcomed and very, VERY good.
Another change in my home is the big box of product that made it out onto my table yesterday and was made into.......

....... KITS!!!!! These kits are all for the Brandon Charity Convention classes that I will be teaching next weekend. It's always such a fun event and the girls that "throw the party" are a HOOT!!!! Love them all dearly and they have become such wonderful friends of mine in the years that I've been teaching at their event.

Check out their website to see what 3 classes I will be teaching this year. Sure to be a blast!!!

loving the changes {from the farm},



  1. Hi Jill. Thanks for posting about our convention on your site! It's only a week or so away...Woohooo! We love having you!

    I've booked one of your lawn chairs for about three years from now when those lilacs are blooming and smelling so nice. I'm going to pop over, plop into that chair, and enjoy the smell and the view! Lovely! They're going to look great.

  2. Wow, what I could do in my yard with a friendly-neighbourhood backhoe!! Alas, I will settle for a bowsaw and a pair of work gloves. Can't wait to see it in real-life. **Looking forward to next weekend as well... a little bit o' sister time. (vinyl is coming your way in a backpack near you - tomorrow).take care. buff

  3. omw! that is a lot of trees! you made me nervous for a bit, LOL!

    and what a great idea for that charity..that is really awesome of you

  4. Wow, I can;t wait to see your yard with those old trees! Your neighvour is welcome to come visit my place...wink wink! hehe

    I too am getting excited for Brandon Convention. Can't wait! See you there.

  5. Wow...what a difference. I am psyked about your lilac trees. I love lilacs also. One year when I was little my best girlfriend and I thought it would be cool to cut down every lical in my backyard. OOPS! We cut them back to so far...they never came back. But, boy did my mothers kitchen smell realy good.

    Have fun kitting!