Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just putting the finishing touches on the H.R.P. {Home Renovation Project} that seems to be taking 4ever!!!!!! They (who are "they" anyway) say that renos are never done, and I totally believe them now. We have light fixtures to still hang, some trim left to do, kick-boards on the island to tack on, artwork to purchase for the d.r, etc. Still lots to do. But......I have been having some fun decorating OUR space with some great finds.

Here's some of my latest faves:

1. a cute little clock I found in Walmart -- my mom laughed when she saw it -- brought back some 70's memories, I think.
2. my d.r. curtains I purchased at Rona. Unexpected find, but fabulous!!!!
3. marble subway tile backsplash for our kitchen -- which is sitting on the floor right now and will stay there 'til a rainy day {cross your fingers that will be tomorrow}.
4. a fabulous {Ty Pennington} lamp found at Sears -- my friend, Lisa actually purchased it first {love shopping with this girl!!!!!}, but she found it was too big for her room. Yeah!!!!!!
5. fabric for curtains for my ScrapSpace closet. The flowers are actually brown velvet. So easy to sew myself.
6. a fantastic wire hanging dress-form in my ScrapSpace -- my idea was to hand my ribbon from the bottom, but that hasn't happened yet. I think I'm loving the clean lines right now.

Still need a few things -- will need a shopping trip again soon.

Stay tuned for some LAYOUTS that I've been meaning to show you!!!!!!!

smiles from an inspiring decorator {from the farm},

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