Thursday, July 9, 2009

Playing along with Lizzie ......

Recognize this person?? You betcha -- it's the ever-famous Elizabeth Kartchner from Creating Keepsakes. Just LOVE her style and everything she says and does and scraps and creates!!!!! I follow her blog {almost} everyday and love that she is sooooooo Real To Life {and quirkie -- alittle like me}, I must admit. Would totally love to meet her someday.

So.......she posted a contest the other day on her blog and I immediately wanted to {play along}. You can read all about it here: Go check it out today to see what SHE was doing. is what I was doing at -- yesterday.

I totally forgot about it in the morning b/c I was getting ready to head off to my mom's for the day. Then in the evening, we went to our neighbour's to swim and hot tub. When we got home, I did alittle organizing in my ScrapSpace and suddenly realized that "the clock would strike 10:11:12" soon. Yikes!!! Pulled out my camera and TRIED!!!!! to capture some pics of me at my desk. Do you actually know how hard that is?? Trying to get a photo of yourself that is not over-powered by a double chin or a bobble-head smile???? Wow!!! There were some doozies and these were the ones I decided to share.

What was I doing at
Wishing YOU could have been there with me
enjoy your day {from the farm},

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