Sunday, June 21, 2009

A SuperHero without the Cape ...........

Do you remember when you were young and you honestly thought that your Dad was a SUPERHERO and the STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD? Dad actually is!!!!!!! No, seriously. He is!!!!!

No, my dad isn't Hulk Hogan or The Incredible Hulk. My Dad is 5' 9" tall (my height; actually I believe I'm alittle taller) and he weighs less than me. He owns his own construction company and has ever since I can remember. He can swing a hammer like a lumberjack swings.......well, whatever they swing. He can shingle a roof in record time. He can devour more Prime Rib & Chocolate Chip Cookies than 8 men twice his weight (although he won't gain a pound the next day). He has built homes from the ground up that would amaze you & marvel all his daughters.

He truly is A SuperHero Without The Cape.

He has managed to accept 3 son-in-laws into our family and not miss a step with his daughters. He shows his 8 grandchildren that there is nobody more special than they are everytime he sees them. He still kisses my Mom infront of all of us & calls us "pumpkin" or "sweets" on the occassion.

He's MY DAD and always will be.

Love you Dad, today & always.


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