Friday, May 11, 2012

have birds.....will fly.

Here's a few *new* little feathered friends that I have around the house these day.

I found the yellow (circle) little owl at the vintage store in Morden.  I think I paid about 4 bucks for him.  He's so cute.  It's actually a vase, but I haven't put anything in yet.  Maybe some pussy willows would look good.  :)  The other little fellow was picked up at another store in my travels (forget where though).  They both sit on my orange dresser in the dining room. 

This little guy has a slightly different story.  I had been looking EVEryWHErE for a little "something" to put the pencils in on the piano.  A jar?  A little glass bottle?  Nope....nothing i found was every good enough.  I didn't necessarily have a vision for what I was looking for.  I just knew that I would know when I found it.

And I did!!!

This little beauty was picked up from the same vintage store in Morden.  3 bucks!!!  It's totally quirky but I love it.  And it's doing its job quite nicely.

I want to take some photos of the cool quilting fabric I just got from the States.  Yes......I own quilting fabric.  Do I quilt?

(something like that). 

enjoying a quiet evening {from the farm},

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