Wednesday, May 9, 2012

bold & beautiful

I have this set of plain ol' patio furniture, which i happen to love the rattan and we purchased it last year for our anniversary.  However, the dog & cats have done a number on the cushions whenever we are away.
So.....I'm going to recover all the cushions (well, I'm not -- there's someone in our church that does fantastic upolstery work).
I'm so excited to see what it's going to look like.
I've picked the fabrics all out and have them sitting in my office ready to send to my friend.  I purchased the fabrics here and I am loving them.
Here's where I'm using everything:

This fabric is the main [bold] print that will cover all the cushions on the loveseat and chairs.
This fabric will be on the reverse side of all the seat cushions.  Cool, eh? That way I can have some of the cushions be the bold, floral print and the other cushions (let's say the seats) be the green iron fence print.
 This Damask print the fabric that will be on the bench cushion.
 The next 2 fabrics are the throw pillows.

 I'll give you an updated photo when they are all done.
anticipating summer lounging {from the farm},

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